Best Anime to Watch Right Now (Spring Season 2022)

Best Anime to Watch Right Now (Spring Season 2022)
Best Anime to Watch Right Now (Spring Season 2022)

There’s a new season of anime to see this spring, including the highly anticipated SPY x Family, the humorous Love After World Domination, and Aoashi, the latest Production I.G.-led sports anime.

Tiger & Bunny 2 also marks the revival of a 10-year-old superhero anime. This spring anime season will have espionage, superheroes, and high-stakes games, to name a few. There are several places to watch anime right now, including Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix.

Check out some of the most anticipated series in the video above or the slideshow gallery below, then scroll down for the entire list of new Spring season 2022 anime in the United States and their respective streaming sites. Unless otherwise specified, the anime mentioned is currently available.

Tiger & Bunny 2 (Netflix)

Season 2 of Tiger & Bunny has been in the works for over ten years, and it’s finally here. Tiger & Bunny follows superhero teammates Kotetsu and Barnaby, commonly known as Wild Tiger and Bunny, as Kotetsu affectionately refers to him. It is the title of the anime. Do you understand? In a world where superheroes are sponsored by corporations and fight to be the King of Heroes on Hero T.V., a channel that records superhero activities live, the two are partners. Even after a decade, the original cast is back, with some new looks and voices. After years of superheroes in popular media, it’ll be fascinating to see what season 2 offers. Season 2 of Tiger & Bunny is now available on Netflix.


Are you looking for a new sports anime to watch this season? With Aoashi, a new soccer anime, you don’t have to go too far. Aoashi follows Ashito, the star of his junior high school soccer team, who receives a once-in-a-lifetime offer from a stranger after losing a tournament and his prospects of getting into an excellent high school. You’re probably thinking, “another soccer or football anime?” but Aoashi could surprise you given the company behind the series, Production I.G. Production I.G. also collaborated on Haikyu!! And Kuroko’s Basketball, both of which are excellent sports anime. 

BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Story 
Speaking of sports anime, this season’s Birdie Wing -Golf Girls’ Story is good. It’s been years since there was an anime about golf, and Bandai Namco Pictures went for it in this original animation. Eve is a hot-shot golfer who learned to be proficient at the sport to make money off wagers. Eve even has a name for her signature shot, which should give you an idea of how ludicrous this sports anime can be. Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story is currently available on Crunchyroll and VRV.
Tomodachi Game 
Are there any Squid Game aficionados out there? This may interest you since it focuses on a group of pals who are forced to play games to pay off massive debts that they have all magically acquired. Even a frightening little cartoon figure acts as the main character in this bizarre series of games. It’s too early to say if the stakes in this psychological thriller will get much higher, but it’s a fascinating start as we learn if this group of pals can truly trust one other. 
Love After World Domination 
Do you like the Power Rangers or Super Sentai anime series? This isn’t precisely that, but you might like Love After World Domination. Fudou, who is essentially the Red Ranger, and Desumi, one of the leaders of an evil organization, are the main characters in the series. Although they are sworn foes, the two begin dating. As the battle between good and evil continues, their growing friendship will cause some unpleasant circumstances. 
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