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Austin’s Legendary Esther’s Follies Brings Comedy Back to the Stage After COVID

by PrittlePrattleNews

Award-winning comedy troupe Esther’s Follies is thrilled to announce that they are bringing live theater back to Austin! For over four decades, Esther’s has been bringing the laughs and holding a funhouse mirror to the culture, political climate, and the city it calls home. In March of 2020, Esther’s Follies closed its doors for the first time in 45 years. Sadly, COVID darkened many of our nation’s theaters for good, but Esther’s Follies has proven that they are a scrappy survivor. For Esther’s, re-opening is a return to Austin’s normalcy, and a return to Austin’s ancestral weirdness- the two go way, way back.

Esther’s, like many great endeavors, started small. From its inception as a spontaneous performance between hippie theatre graduates in the outdoor space of Austin’s Liberty Lunch, the show grew to an institution that sells out weekly. Over 65,000 patrons pass through its doors each year.  Esther’s combines magic, musical parody and sketch comedy into a unique show that honors the American vaudeville tradition.  Resident magician Ray Anderson was the recent recipient of the ‘Outstanding Performer Fellowship Award’ from The Academy of Magical Arts, and was inducted into the Hollywood Magic Castle hall of fame. At their current location, in the heart of Austin’s 6th st entertainment district, they perform for two audiences at once- the audience inside, and the passersby who can watch through Esther’s iconic upstage window. Many an innocent tourist have unwittingly become part of the show. Local celebrities and politicians from both sides of the aisle have come to Esther’s Follies to participate and laugh at themselves, including former Governor Anne Richards.

Esther’s Follies has survived fires, floods, and a global pandemic. Now, fifteen months after locking its doors, Esther’s is bringing Austin together again. Things are getting back to normal, and that means things are getting weird at Esther’s Follies!

Esther’s Follies opens for live performances on June 17, 2021– Thursdays at 8, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and 10. Seating is limited- mask wearing and social distancing protocols will be enforced.


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