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Alpha 23: Man-On-A-Mission to Revolutionize the Music Era

ATLANTA, May 13, 2021 Music is something that no human on earth can live without. An eternal sound that touches the soul and exists in different forms around the globe. With every generation, one experiences the nuances in the music and it’s beautiful. And then there’s a man who wants to give his everything to the music and bring in a revolution. In fact, he says, “Earlier, there was the CD era of music, which was later transformed into the Mixtape era and what all made it possible, I want to do that same thing in the streaming era.” Alpha23 is that man-on-a-mission unraveling his music journey.

His first actual foot in the music industry was as an intern in college, wherein he was working with the music video department at a major label. It didn’t necessarily create the foundation for him to get into the music industry primarily as he was already writing as an artist. But it did give him an opportunity to learn how the business worked and also see how major artists operate. A lot of people who have not had the privilege of either working or being assigned to or being a part of a big label don’t know what kind of an ecosystem it is and after working in that ecosystem he realized that he won’t be a part of it and focus on being an independent artist.

Talking about his upbringing in Atlanta and its influence on his music, Alpha23 says – “Atlanta is one of those cities that has been influenced by artists like Outkast, T.I. and you can see it and feel it too. And yes, I do draw a lot of inspiration from those artists. André 3000 is really versatile, he has the ability to rap and sing.  So, that’s something I’ve modeled myself after. It’s a direct correlation to the versatility and I think that’s one that a lot of Atlanta artists bring to the table. You listen to Lil Baby and even a new wave of artists, they are not just rappers but they actually have more of a harmonious voice.” Gospel and Southern conditions have influenced southern hip-hop and he thinks it goes back even further than the artists and the rappers to the roots of the type of music that people in the south listen to.

A part of the reason that he does not sound like a southern rapper is that he has lived in other places, He was born in New York and raised in Atlanta. He recalls, “I came to Atlanta when I was in school, so there was this embedded culture piece and that has certainly been a part of what influences my sound and my style. I think what I get from Atlanta in terms of music is that at times when I rap to certain songs my accent and the way that I cut words can certainly come off as Atlanta, but the melody and speaking about things that are local to the area has certainly set an oversized influence in the way I perform my art.” He’s already proud about how Atlanta has brought real music in him and wants to thank the culture in his upcoming music releases.

Coming back to New York, Biggie was extremely influential and his story-telling ability is something Alpha23 is really gravitated towards. Then Lauren Hill and Nicki Minaj as they both sing and rap, and being a versatile artist himself, Alpha23 seeks a lot of inspiration from them as well. And all these artists give him the runway to feel like he too can be diverse in his style.

Talking about his ultimate goals, he says: “I’ve already been independently successful in corporate America and outside, promoting and running it thoroughly. At this point, I look at taking it and flipping it into a different direction. I want to put out music and enjoy the process because I love art. And tomorrow, if I have an unlimited sum of money I would make music. So, to sum it up-make more music and bring in other artists. The reason why I say this is because the music industry has changed tremendously, and today there are a lot of avenues and routes to get things done.”

When it comes to music, Alpha23 writes about personal experiences, things that he has seen and witnessed, and finally about subjects that he finds interesting. “So, a lot of times I just get the beat, open up my mind and let me take it where it can.” Even before getting into the industry, he knew it was going to be hard as he had already been into the business side of it. “I think there’s a misconception amongst the generation today that if you do a couple of tik-tok dances and wave your arms, you’re going to the platinum, have a single, and be the most famous person. In reality, the number of people who actually achieve that status is one in a million!”
Alpha23’s single is out already and there is a lot more music coming from his end very soon. Surely, the man is right on track with his mission and is bound to turn out the next big thing in the streaming era. Watch Alpha23 interview with Pressful here.rt - Alpha 23: Man-On-A-Mission to Revolutionize the Music Era

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