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AGP World, Anant Mahadevan release an intriguing teaser for The Knocker

AGP World and Anant Mahadevan have released a special video that creates intrigue for their short film 'The Knocker.

By Akilesh Subramanian

AGP World, Anant Mahadevan release an intriguing teaser for The Knocker. The short film will have its World Premiere at the Four Corners Film Festival in the United States on 16th September. The Knocker created a wave among the industry people about the multitalented Anant Mahadevan.

Anant Mahadevan has come up with a short video of 17 minutes which has created news worldwide. He actually thought the world that the digital era is coming with a coronavirus outbreak. He single handedly operated the camera, acted and script during the isolation days in lockdown . He is truly matched up to the season of the shut doors during the lockdown.

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As conveyed to Prittle Prattle News, This 17 minute short titled THE KNOCKER has been shot singlehanded by Mahadevan, who has scripted, acted and operated the camera in isolation during the lockdown days. The film has a background score by Parivesh Singh while Priyanka Rani edits and designs the sound. The film dwells on those ensconced in their dwellings all by themselves leading to mind games that begin to threaten their existence.

AGP World One is content producers who have migrated their intellectual properties from living to digital. With over 25 years in the theatre, events/ experiences, and Art business, the strategic roadmap into digital has been launched, which was informed to Prittle Prattle News by sharing a press release.

Prittle Prattle feels proud to share this news with the viewers about the multi-talented and versatile actor creating and sharing his hands-on experience during the lockdown. The Lockdown is making people confined to homes and come up with some creative work which is a delight to watch.

This article was shared with Prittle Prattle News as a Press Release.
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