5 Classic Anime Moments Which Will Always Make Fans Cry

5 Classic Anime Moments Which Will Always Make Fans Cry
5 Classic Anime Moments Which Will Always Make Fans Cry

These great anime moments redefined epic, creating some of the most unforgettable scenes in their respective series.

The quality of an anime is determined by its ability to withstand the passage of time. It is quite simple to get caught up in the anticipation and think highly of an anime, but after the hype wears off, the anime may not appear as nice.

The world of anime has supplied us with many unforgettable moments over the years. Every series has unique moments that leave viewers dumbfounded, and even years after the series’ conclusion, these anime moments live in the viewers’ memories.

Madara makes an appearance.
Madara Uchiha is one of Naruto’s primary enemies. He was a renowned ninja who lived many years before the series’ present timeframe. For a long time, Madara’s abilities were unknown, but that changed at the end of the series.

Madara reappeared during the Fourth Great Ninja War after being resurrected by Kabuto. He emerged on top of a massive boulder and then destroyed an entire platoon of ninjas.
Estarossa is stopped by Escanor.
Escanor, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, was one of the series’ most powerful characters. Escanor, blessed with the strength of “Sunshine,” easily defeated several powerful characters.
When the Ten Commandments were resurrected, they caused havoc throughout Britain. Estarossa was one of the Commandments, and anybody who harboured animosity toward Estarossa was unable to move a muscle. When all looked lost, Escanor startled everyone by approaching Estarossa and confronting him.
Gon Unleashes His Might
Gon is the main character of Hunter x Hunter. He is a gifted Hunter who has outperformed both his colleagues and his foes on several occasions. Gon had his most difficult challenge when he faced up against Neferpitou, a member of the Royal Guards.
Gon lacked the strength necessary to defeat Neferpitou in a battle, so he decided to take a chance. He restricted himself and spent years of his life gaining enough power to vanquish Neferpitou.
Luffy Launches Gear Fourth
Luffy’s voyage has been fraught with difficulties. Luffy’s opponents get more powerful with each arc, so he must devise new strategies to defeat them.
Luffy faced his first serious hurdle after arriving in the New World during the Dressrosa storyline. He was up against Doflamingo, a Shichibukai with a devil fruit. When all appeared lost, Luffy used a secret technique known as Gear Fourth to effortlessly destroy Doflamingo.
Jotaro stands up and begins to beat. Kira
Jotaro initially appeared in Stardust Crusaders, when he faced off against DIO. Jotaro easily defeated DIO after unleashing his Stand’s latent strength, breaking the vicious loop.
Jotaro got embroiled once more in Part 4, when a serial murderer was on the prowl. Jotaro was on the point of death after being caught in an explosion, but he managed to rise up when he spotted Kira Yoshikage. Jotaro annihilated Kira with his Star Platinum in a matter of seconds, making Kira comprehend the disparity between their might.
Spike Makes a Spike
Few shows can claim the same degree of popularity as Cowboy Bebop. The science fiction series is set in a future where people live on other planets. Spike Spiegel is the primary character of Cowboy Bebop. Spike was a skilled fighter who tracked out criminals for bounty.
Spike finally met his worst nemesis, Vicious, at the end of the series. Spike defeated Vicious, but there was more opposition. He was critically injured, and before fainting, he made a gun motion with his hand, which is still considered one of the greatest moments in history.
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