Remote Proctored: Universities and Online Examinations, Bringing the Vast, Closer

Remote Proctored, Online examinations are the new go-to, enabling universities and aspiring students to come closer.

Entrance examinations of many universities are done online to save the commute of the aspirants and the hassles that come with it, but with innumerable benefits of online examinations comes a handful of doubts.

Let’s clear those doubts with Learning Spiral.

Your guide to Remote Proctored Exam –

A remote proctored exam is when students attempt an examination on their own electronic devices from their preferred locations.

The steps to this are –

1) Verifying and authorizing students’ identity online to ensure only the registered students are attempting the exam.
2) Students’ activity during the assessment is then monitored to flag any and every irregular behavior through remote proctoring as the major concern of universities and colleges during online exams is cheating. Hence, to ensure fair means and avoid cheating, Learning Spiral combines several essential and popular digital solutions for holding credible online examinations with automated and live violation monitoring. Well-known technologies like AI Proctoring, Remote Candidate Authentication, Record and Review Proctoring, Secure Browsing, Data Encryption during transit, etc, are used by Learning Spiral.
3) Remote proctoring enables students to take an assessment at a remote location while also ensuring the integrity of the exam. This requires the student to first verify their identity, and, during an online exam, the system monitors the students through photos and videos, looking for behaviors that could indicate cheating.

Types of Exam we conduct:

  • Computer-based Tests
  • Online Exam without proctoring
  • Online Exam with Proctoring
  • AI Proctoring
  • Single Device Proctoring
  • Two Device Proctoring
  • Digital Evolutions
Two devices online proctored examination means to set up live proctoring for an exam using two devices to enhance the security and reliability of the online examination. Online Assessments will be taken by using their product UCanAssess, an online examination system under which two devices online proctored examinations can be conducted. Students will require their laptop (to take the exam) and a second camera-equipped device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to be placed behind them to ensure a 360-degree view and a more secure & fair online examination.
Learning Spiral’s online assessment engine is made for universities and their hassle-free online examinations. With a variety of products offered by The Learning Spiral, large universities can conduct hassle-free, reliable online examinations and overcome challenges, if any.
AI-enabled solutions support all means of modern evaluation techniques such as
  • Computer-Based Tests
  • Online Tests with AI-enabled remote/live proctoring
  • On-screen marking based on scanned answer scripts & entry of marks by evaluators.
  • Features of Online Proctoring Services
  • Image Capturing
  • Screen Capturing
  • Live Video recording
  • Secure Browsing
  • Block Other Screen Share Apps
  • Block Copy / Paste function
  • Block System Keys
On the top of it all, Learning Spiral offers Advanced Online Examination System:
UCanAssess uses AI remote proctoring to make sure that all suspicious students behavior that is recognized by the AI is flagged so that remote invigilators can review it. The dashboard then highlights the students suspected of using unfair means during the online exam. The invigilator can then further evaluate the same and send warnings to the suspected student or even have the option to temporarily discontinue his/ her test if required.
This makes the whole process of online examination fair and reliable, and also ensures a smooth process for the students.
In conclusion, in universities where the students are not only limited to those residing nearby but from all parts of the country and in some cases, outside. Online Examination serves as a helping hand to ease the process with just a device and a strong internet connection! Online exams with remote proctoring are a great way of maintaining momentum and ensuring the learning and examination process doesn’t ground to a halt.
Learning Spiral is a leading online examination solution provider for online assessments, exams for universities, recruitment boards, etc., and ensures that its solutions and products will help colleges or universities conduct online examinations from remote locations in the most accurate and secure manner.
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