Students from Different Nationalities Graduate from Sankara College of Optometry

Over 100 students from different nationalities graduated from various optometry programs under the Sankara Academy of Vision.

The Sankara College of Optometry, affiliated with the RGUHS, is among the top-rated colleges of Optometry in India and has students from Nepal, Srilanka, and the Middle East, apart from India.

Addressing the students at the convocation, Prof. Curtis Backstrom, Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, said, To achieve excellence in optometry, one requires hard work, diligence and the need to be empathetic.

In this era, medical learning, particularly optometry, should not be limited to just theories and practical classes, and students should be taught adaptability skills in this rapidly changing digital world.

It is exciting to see Sankara College of Optometry with eminent faculty having molded the best optometrists in India by leveraging the latest technology and infrastructure.

‘Over the past decade, we have ensured our students have access to the best of equipment, infrastructure in our laboratory and clinical exposure to enable them to be confident on completion of the course. We are proud to have secured most of the top ranks in the university exam and drive innovation and research’.

Prof. Aditya Goyal, Sankara College of Optometry, said,

The event also saw the presence of Dr. Kaushik Murali, President of Sankara Eye Foundation India. Prof Babu Noushad, University of Buraimi, and Mrs. Lakshmi Shinde, Global Educator IACLE.

What made the day unique was that there were two parallel continuing medical education initiatives over the day that benefitted over 100+ optometrists and 20 faculties in optometry.

While Prof. Baxtrom helped the audience unravel how neurological aspects can be used in vision therapy, Prof Noushad helped the faculty with tools that could enable outcome-based education.

Optometrists are trained over a four-year program to treat, manage, and correct disorders and diseases of the visual system, the eye, and its associated structures.

An Optometrist’s scope includes being an independent clinical practitioner, working as a clinician in eye hospitals, being placed in multi-national companies, or as a research scholar or academician.

About Sankara College of Optometry

Sankara College of Optometry is one of India’s top optometry schools. The college, which is affiliated with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, provides a graduate program in Optometry as well as short-term fellowships.
Sankara College of Optometry, which is part of the Sankara Academy of Vision (Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust), uses cutting-edge infrastructure, equipment, and prominent teachers selected from around the region to ensure students are not only qualified but also capable.
Sankara College of Optometry is also a member of the Association of Optometry Schools and Colleges (ASCO).
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