South City International School had a panel discussion with Dr. Amitabha Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh has also played an important part in NASA missions such as the Mars Pathfinder Mission and the MER.

South City International School hosted a panel discussion with Dr. Amitabha Ghosh in response to the increased interest in space science among school pupils. He is a NASA Space Scientist who has been working on Mars missions since 1997.

Amitabha Ghosh is a researcher, administrator, and educator from India.

He is currently an Honorary Scientist of the Indian National Science Academy and an Honorary Distinguished Professor at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology in Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal, in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

He is an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Emeritus Senior Fellow and a member of India’s National Academy of Sciences, where he was named a Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee Fellow in 2012.

Mr. Ghosh has made significant contributions to fundamental and applied research, technology development, administration, and social development.

When we were kids, we used to stare up at the sky and see the stars. We now know that there is something beyond the stars, and Dr. Ghosh’s panel discussion brought the bright young and inquisitive minds one step closer to the stars and beyond.

Dr. Ghosh has also played an important part in NASA missions such as the Mars Pathfinder Mission and the MER (Mars Exploration Rover).

South City International School has provided this chance to students in grades 8 through 12 at their School Auditorium. Mr. Ravi Todi, one of the directors at South City International School, kicked off the ceremony.

Mr. Amitabha Ghosh said at the event, “It was fantastic to meet with the kids and react to their good questions.” Mr. Ghosh further expressed gratitude to Mr. Ravi Todi, Founder Principal of South City International School, for this wonderful opportunity.

About South City International School:

South City International School was founded in 2009 with the goal of moulding young minds into true global citizens in a loving and caring atmosphere.

The School commits to creating a harmonious and stimulating environment in which each student is encouraged to maximise his or her intellectual ability and academic performance potential; creative energy; enterprising spirits; physical skills; notions of justice, equity, and public morality; cultural roots and heritage affiliation; open-mindedness, international and multi-cultural perspective, and a spirit of empathy for the less fortunate
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