Rishihood University announces first ever Jal Fellowship

On the occasion of World Water Day today, Rishihood University, a social-impact university based in Sonipat, announced the launch of its first field-based Jal Fellowship programme to seed District-based water change leaders across all the 750 districts of India.

Marked on March 22 each year since 1993, World Water Day focuses on the importance of freshwater and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. The Jal Fellowship is in line with the UN’s vision of taking action to tackle the global water crisis.

According to the World Bank, India has 18 percent of the world’s population, but only 4 percent of its water resources, making it one of the most water-stressed countries in the world.

Jal Fellowship is a unique field-based experiential learning opportunity created to incubate change leaders who can actively facilitate the sustainable solutions to water challenges in their local community, with confidence and commitment. Furthering its commitment to a learning ecosystem in the areas of entrepreneurship, healthcare, creativity, education and public leadership, Rishihood University is launching the Jal Fellowship to develop water leaders who can operate in their community as waterpreneurs or as members of local NGOs or local government agencies.

“If a society is to create any real impact on water and the environment at large, the effort must be collaborative. It’s a community initiative which requires the equal participation of the stakeholders at all levels, be it civil society, the government and non-profits,” said Rajya Sabha member and Rishihood University’s founding chancellor Suresh Prabhu.
“Solving the water crisis on a local level, and thus on the global level, requires a sound understanding of the nature of the problem. Water crisis is complex and requires local community involvement and ownership. Rishihood’s Jal Fellowship aims to create such water leaders who can facilitate the community-led and community owned solutions,” says Dr. Bhakti Devi, Co-director and Professor, Jal Fellowship, Rishihood University.
The curriculum is spread over 40 weeks, including 8 weeks of classroom training and 32 weeks of fieldwork in their own district. Fellows will learn from domain experts and solution providers.
Rishihood University is offering full sponsorship to all selected candidates in the first batch starting in May 2022. Candidates will need to bear travel expenses related to field work within their district and attending 3 in-person training sessions and 1 concluding session all of which will be held in Delhi NCR.
Candidates between ages 21 and 40, with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline and passion for water, environment or community, can apply till April 23. The Fellowship begins May 3.

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