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India’s very own Enid Blyton – Author Monarose Sheila Pereira

Monarose Sheila Pereira is a renowned children's author. Her books are written in a lively and animated style.

By Prittle Prattle News

Monarose Sheila Pereira  is a renowned children’s author. Her books are written in a lively and animated style. This makes the characters come alive and feel real. Her books offer plenty of scopes to do voices and dramatics, besides holding the children’s interest. She is truly India’s very own Enid Blyton.

What is your work profile?

I am an author, feature writer, and media professor. I have published several storybooks and two textbooks for the Bachelor of Mass Media degree course. I have written for all the major newspapers and magazines. I have scripted and compèred various programs for children and adults for All India Radio and Doordarshan. I also conduct story reading sessions, self-improvement, and media workshops.

When did you decide to start writing children’s books?

I used to make up my own stories and tell them to my family and friends as a child. I enjoyed the process. So one day, I had a good collection of stories. I decided to type them out and took them to a publisher. I am glad to be known as a children’s author. One newspaper even called me India’s Enid Blyton, and I think that is a great compliment. Today when children tell me that they enjoy reading my books, I feel thrilled. It is a great compliment. I had a beautiful childhood, and I guess that plays a vital role in my stories and creativity. My parents also encouraged my creativity. When I first started writing stories for children, they were more an

expression of the beautiful drama in my mind. Today I realize the importance of children’s records. They play a vital role in the education and development of a child, and I am happy to contribute to their well-being.

What makes a good story?

My books offer plenty of scope for dramatics. When I conduct story reading sessions with glove puppets for children, I always involve them in dramatizing the stories. I get them involved in the process. This process teaches them voice modulation, acting, and how to play different characters. My words are full of fun, and adventure and kids love it. I also try to avoid stereotypes. In my stories, sometimes girls are brave, and sometimes boys are timid and scared. I try to bring about a balance between the genders. I have taken my Mother’s name as my second name as a tribute to her. My surname is that of my Father. Mothers give birth to children and do so much for the family, but the Father gets the credit.

What do you keep in mind when you write children’s books?

It is important to keep the children in mind when writing for them. When I write a book for children, I am in touch with the child in me. You cannot write a book for children from an adult perspective. When I write children’s stories and books, I become a child. This way, I know exactly what will appeal to the child.

Have you written any books for adults?

I have published two textbooks for the Bachelor of Mass Media degree students of Mumbai University. 

Which type of writing do you prefer?

Fiction and non-fiction both have a charm of their own. I enjoy both types of writing. Fiction allows you to use your imagination. Non-fiction requires much research, which I also find very exciting and enjoyable. I like analyzing and researching the nitty-gritty of a subject. Fiction is very close to my heart.

What do you like about writing a children’s storybook?

I love making children happy through my stories, books, and storytelling workshops. Our education system is about facts and figures. Children are our future, and I feel good children’s development and text is like an investment in a promising future.

What do you think is the purpose of a story?

You can teach through stories. You can educate through stories. You can entertain through stories. Levels can boost a child’s personal growth and development. They can inspire a child. So I think stories play a vital role in a child’s life. It plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Even adults love stories. That is why they read books, watch television, videos, and movies.

Why is reading important for children?

Reading and outdoor games are both essential. They both contribute to the growth of a child. Stories play a vital role in developing a child – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Stories make your childhood very special and warm. Besides developing the vocabulary and the expressions of language, the very process of reading helps you develop patience and concentration. It fortifies your imagination and allows you to be creative. A reader participates in the story – by imagining the characters, their costumes, the backdrop, voice-overs, etc. It activates your thinking and creativity. It is also very participative. Other media have their advantages, but I think reading scores over them.

There are many cognitive benefits of reading a story. It helps to improve social perception and emotional intelligence. It enhances empathy and keeps the brain sharp. Listening to stories being read teaches children to learn to pronounce words, thus helping them talk better. It helps them with their diction, tone, and expression. Stories are a fun way to learn. If you weave a story around a subject, you are bound to attract the child’s attention, who will remember the content for a very long time. There are many reasons for this. Unlike a film, a story that you read helps a child to develop various faculties. When a parent or teacher reads a story to the child, they form a powerful bond. The physical proximity of sitting with the child and the mental connection that it creates brings you closer to each other. It is perhaps the first step in being disciplined. It teaches a child how to sit, listen, and pay attention. It also develops the habit of being a good listener, which is an essential skill throughout life. Later, children will benefit from the practice of reading – reading their textbooks, their notes, their scripts, presentations, etc. Reading is relevant to every profession. It teaches several more life skills. The very process of reading or listening helps to develop coordination in various parts of the brain. It is like an exercise for the mind and all its faculties. Reading books boost the imagination, which is yet another skill required in various professions. Your child becomes a casting director. He or she imagines and creates how the different characters look. Are they beautiful, healthy, scary, tall, short, brave, good, bad, funny, or triumphant?

How does reading boost creativity?

Reading boosts your creative energy. You are like a designer because you imagine the clothes and accessories worn by all the cast in the story. The colors and designs are all yours. It brings out the visualizer within because you visualize how the various characters behave in the information. They talk, walk, fight, argue, love, interact, overcome difficulties, achieve, succeed, and grow. You are a make-up artist. You decide the look of all the characters. You imagine the location, the sets.

You paint a picture in your mind. How does the house, the palace, the garden, the sky, the plains, the mountains, the birds, animals, trees, and various scenes in the book look? Watching a film is passive. You sit back like a couch potato and enjoy what someone has designed for you. A film tells you about the pictures and images that are in the director’s head. It is already made for you. You do not have to do anything. Films are a very passive medium, unlike cinema, storybooks, and story reading, to develop your creativity. With reading and listening to stories, it is different. Story reading or listening is an active process. You harness all your creative powers and energies. Your mind is always at work while you are reading or listening to the story. It leaves your child with a sense of achievement because it is his or her little creation. When you read or listen to a story, you use all your creative faculties to develop your story’s picture or imagination. You are like the director of your little film, in your mind. Ultimately it helps you to direct and create your career and life. Reading truly boosts and enhances your creative expression and energy.

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  • A dynamic writer with a thoughtful heart and a positive mindset Monarose truly reaches out to both children as well as her students through her writing. Even in her interactions with children and students you can see her care and concern for them.
    All the Best with more writing projects Monarose!

    • Thanks Sharon
      Yes teach like u r telling a story and the students are engaged

      • Thanks Sharon
        Yes teach like u r telling a story and the students are engaged

    • Thanks Sharon
      I am overwhelmed by your compliments. Thank you very much indeed.

      I appreciate that
      You have taken time out from your busy schedule as a Professor and your Travel business to post your comments

    • An absolutely delightful read – this was a lovely throwback and a good memoir to help us realize how extremely valuable reading is, having an imagination and especially connecting with our inner child and you’ve definitely bought that to us in your works of literature. Thank you for this.

    • Thanks Hrushikesh
      I love teaching too and sharing what I know with my students.

    • Thanks Sandip
      I am glad u enjoy my writing. I enjoy watching u dance too
      Always graceful

  • Interesting interview. Good work
    Author Monarose Sheila Pereira has indeed given valuable information about story reading and telling.

    • Thanks Kiran
      As a psychologist you too are doing wonderful work in boosting the mind and mental strength

  • I agree with this perspective a hundred percent. Personally having grown up with bedtime children’s stories, reading does indeed expand the thinking of children.

    • Thanks Wendy
      Your observations are so true. Good Book have a lot of benefits.

  • Very informative and give different prospective to life. I throughly enjoyed reading entire article. kudoos to you…

  • Lovely to read about Monarose. Indeed her style of writing is easy to read and lively to keep children occupied! Great goin Monarose!

    • Thanks Larissa
      Yr compliments r much appreciated. Comming from
      a psychologist and professor like u is very good

  • Monarose is a excellent writer and journalist who knows her subjects deeply. She has written for many newspapers in India and is a very senior person in journalism. Her students are placed in big organisations of the industry.

    • Thanks Shamita
      Yes every one can create something good fr humanity , the world and the universe too

    • Thanks Philip
      I really appreciate your
      complements. Coming from a senior editor like you they are very encouraging indeed.
      Love working for you and your team

  • Monarose pereira is one of our most beloved professors. Her way of telling stories is incredible. She can really make you visually imagine the beautiful things from the stories.

    • Thanks Mehrzad
      Oh how sweet of you to appreciate my work. It makes all the effort worth while.

  • Monarose Sheila Pereira is one of the finest children author and a brilliant journalist, writing for all the major newspapers and magazines.

    With over 12 books, she knows the pulse of every children, her writing touches hearts and leaves a lasting memory in the readers mind

      • U have takem time out from your writing and casting work to comment
        Thanks a lot Kunal

  • Mona ma’am is the best writer, and a best ever person I ever met in my life, god bless uh Ma’am, and keep going in life…. All the best

  • I read Enid Blyton’s books throughout my childhood so to now see one of my favourite professors have the title of ‘India’s Enid Blyton’ is so exciting.

  • I read Enid Blyton’s books throughout my childhood so to now see one of my favourite professors have the title of ‘India’s Enid Blyton’ is so exciting.

  • She’s a wonderful human and a truly great journalist and writer. Always inspired by her work and get to learn a lot from her. Keep rocking on, Ms. Mona!!❤️

    • Thanks Sakshi
      Keep rocking? Wow. With lovely students yes I am encouraged to teach you all.
      Love and appreciate your compliments.

    • Hey Sherlin
      Ha ha with u I definitely have a captive audience.
      Thanks fr your appreciation

  • I absolutely agree with the Title.’India’s Enid Blyton.’
    Mona your stories are as amazing as you are and that clearly reflects in your stories.
    Love them all !!

    • Oh Simran
      Im amazing? What a lovely complement. Thanks fr the lovely compliments.

      Wish u a great film career. U r good looking and talented

  • I still remember you teaching us in our last year of BMM, It was so amazing being her student and knowing her personally. We enjoyed listening to her and her stories about her career and the way she motivated us. Her way of thinking reflects in her book, I am sure children will love to read and get some knowledge. I am so proud that i am her student one of the best and supportive professor i have come accross. I highly recomend everyone to read the books it will surely add a good amount of knowledge.

    • Hey Misbah
      So nice to hear from you.
      It is always nice to teach students who are truly interested in the subject, who are driven by ambition and participative in the class projects.

      Thanks for your lovely compliments.

  • You have been a source of inspiration for all of us as you possess uniqueness, empathy and creative mind that makes you different from all.

    • Hi Shyamali
      Thanks fr yr lovely comments.
      Comming from a Brahma Kumari I am thrilled. God has inspired you to say these things.
      I reall appreciate your good words

  • Kids will love these stories , Reading is a good habit , it increases the vocabulary of the child gives insight & wisdom….These books can be enjoyed by Adults & grown ups too…. It’s always a great stress-buster to sit snugly at home & enjoy a great story book.

    • Hi Naresh
      Thanks fr your lovely observations and compliments.
      Yes indeeed as u say –
      It’s always a great stress-buster to sit snugly at home & enjoy a great story book.

  • Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I am not a teacher, but an awakener. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.

    Thank you?

    • Hi Upendra
      Your observations are very enlightening. You really appreciate the work of a teacher, a professor

      How sweet of you to write in

  • This is really good enjoyed every bit of it while reading !
    No doubt she’s the best in her field ?

    • Hi Shruti
      Thank you fr the superlative compliment –
      No doubt she’s the best in her field ?

      So sweet of you to appreciate my work

    • Hi Shruti
      Thank you fr the superlative compliment –
      No doubt she’s the best in her field ?

      So sweet of you to know the eorth of my work

  • “Book is like an investment in a promising future.” Very well said, will definitely recommend your books to my younger sibling and cousins.

    • Thanks Hrishi
      You have truly appreciated my work. I like your YouTube videos very much – they are well researched, to the point and confidently presented.

      Above all – No shouting and screaming

  • Great interview. Monarose is doing a commendable job in making kids happy through her awe inspiring story telling. In these digital days,it’s so necessary to not let the children lose their interest in the age old habit of reading.

    • Hi Ranjani
      Thanks fr your lovely comments. Yes the interview is more about the importance and benefits of reading. That is what I want to convey.

      I am glad your book, Alankar – A riyaz manual, is doing extremely well. You have done a lot of research in music to write the book.

  • Congrats Mona, the need of the hour for kids today is a ‘desi’ Enid Blyton. A vaccum which you’ve helped fill with your books. All the very best & God bless.

    • Hi Noel
      I liked the term Desi Enid Blyton.

      Thanks fr your observations and comments

  • Only when u feel like a child, u can pen stories about them beautifully.. Keep up your good work…

    • Thanks Kanchan

      Your comment is very intelligent

      Hope your business in growing greens is doing great

  • I look forward to reading your articles …. very nicely portrayed .
    Would strongly recommend your children’s stories …. what with kids only glued to screens today …..
    Keep the good work going and all the very best always .
    Thanks dear Monarose !

    • Thank you Dr Miranda.
      Your compliments are highly appreciated.
      You are doing some great work too, healing people.

    • Thank you Rashida for your observations.
      You are doing great work too – shaping peoples bodies and minds

  • I have been a student of Mona Ma’am and she is amazing when it comes to teaching and also even in person. She is well decorated storyteller and a writer who supports and understands the budding fellow writers around her .

    • Hi Rishika
      Go online
      Type Monarose Sheila Pereira Author
      And u can read abt my articles n books

      U hve become a good poet as presented on social media. Congrats

  • Mona Ma’am always connect with her audience in a way very few people can, She has the ability to create a long lasting impact on her subject

    She does it by being Compassionate, Understanding and by providing a Supportive narrative

    • Oh how sweet of u Prithvi. Thanks for the very many observations and compliments

  • I’ve read Mona Ma’am’s books and have truly sensed the creativity yet the simplicity of the content. She’s a wonderful human and so great to talk to.

    • Oh Yashit thanks for so many compliments. I am very touched by your observationn and compliments.

  • I am happy to share this information with your readers. I hope it will benefit them.

  • Prittle Prattle, you guys are doing good job by recognising Monarose Sheila Pereira. And we should share her credits for her efforts in making it interesting for readers who have come across her stories. All I wish by this platform she achieves her fulfillment as a author.

    • Thank you v much Jal for appreciating my interview as an author and also Prittle Prattle website

    • Thanks Ritambhara fr the lovely compliments.

      You are a great Belly Dancer.
      So graceful.

  • Monarose Sheila Pereira! Love and respect from Chembur. A teacher’s job is not to teach, but to awaken the spark of education in their pupil and thats what you have been doing.

    May your work reach all the students and seekers, and may you reach the heights of stardom.

  • Mona Ma’am is a very caring person and teaches with such enthusiasm that it is very interactive and enjoyable.

    • Thanks Mahima for your very many lovely compliments. Remember u as a very participative student in class

  • Monarose Sheila Pereira is profound author and motivates readers to examine themselves and make positive changes. The author’s approach to a relevant topic is fresh. The strategies and definitions are not complicated and can be incorporated and practiced in life. What connects readers with the book is the author’s stories and experiences which will motivate them towards healing humanity. Books like this are helpful and useful in current times when the challenges in society are becoming greater and when readers know they need to be strong mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

    I wish Mona a great success in all her endeavors.

    • Thanks sir fr your apt observations. I think every one should work towards making things better fr humans, the world, and the universe by using their talents wisely

  • Here’s wishing Monarose Sheila Pereira all the very best on her children’s books on Children’s Day and right through the year!

  • I’ve known Mona for several years now.
    And love her writing style.
    It’s honest and from the heart.
    Can’t wait to read more.

    • Hi Coleen

      Thank you so much for writing in and your lovely compliments.

      You are a v famous and busy hair stylist and it is v sweet of u to take time out to write in.

    • Thanks Jaspreet. We have to help each other to improve the quality of our lives

  • What a wonderful interview! I wholeheartedly agree with the author. As readers and writers, we get to build an entire universe all while playing different roles. It’s truly magic! I could be a designer, a painter, a make-up artist without really being a professional!

    • Thanks Shamita
      Yes every one can create something good in their respective professions and lives

  • Author Monarose Sheila Pereira has a unique style of writing. I have read her articles and heard about her children’s books.

    I believe children’s books can contribute to encouraging good habits in children like eating healthy food and exercising.

  • In covid 19 everything is slovenly people are living a life in tribulations.still one thing is there
    Every cloud has a silver lining
    By reading Your scintillating thoughts.
    I am getting impetus and galloping my knowledge even I am increasing my aplomb .
    I am running short of words to express my gratitude to you Maam .
    Thank you so much for your scintillating ideas and thoughts ?

  • Kudos Mona – you are so right about the importance of reading and it being a creativity booster!
    I totally agree. Wonderful that you are able to appeal to children with your stories and adult students with your text books. Way to go!
    Wishing you continued inspirations for all your future work.

  • The times we live in, the age of technology where everything is about speed n ease, and it’s all about visual stimulation n instant gratification thru the senses, there is a danger that we are slowly being hijacked of our ability to imagine n thibk for ourselves! Reading books allows the reader to use his imagination and makes it personal so I can’t stress more on the fact that We need more people like you, who can shape shift young minds to read, imagine, think n question.
    Mona Rose has a flair for prose n her sensibilities for writing children’s books, comes from experience n a childlike enthusiasm to see it with the openness of a child where the possibilities are endless! Keep doing what you are doing n shine your light to the generation ahead !
    Terence Lewis

    • Hey Terrence,
      Thanks a lot.
      Your comment makes me dance with joy.
      You are a wonderful dancer and inspire me a great deal.
      Good wishes to you too for your dancing, videos and acting career

  • Very thoughtfully articulated interview. Mona comes through as a creative writer of children’s books. It is difficult to achieve the goal of creating the moral, ethical and socially responsible way of life in the developing mind of a child. Mona is good at accomplishing it through playful and delightful story-telling for children of all ages. This is a great contribution to shaping future generation’s character and moral compass.

    • Thank you very much Dr Dravid.
      Your comment is very insightful. You are a wonderful leader.
      I enjoyed working with you on your house magazine and other
      communication projects.
      As Chairman Emeritus, Jacobs Engineering India you have
      inspired many people to aspire for a better world.

  • Reading is like a life skill that can open up perspectives for children. More books for children, more encouragement to read and helping children in exploring the world and develop their views and adaptability , most important their empathy.
    Brilliant work, keep writting more!
    Best wishes.

    • Thank you very much Dr Samir Parikh.
      The comment coming from a well known Psychiatrist
      like you is very encouraging indeed and inspiring.

  • “I have known Mona as we call her for more than 20 years. What impresses me is that she retains the same innocence and enthusiasm even after so many years of creative hard work. Her qualities make her a perfect writer of children’s books. Her work is not limited to just this, as a journalist she keeps up with happenings on social, environmental, political, economic fronts and eloquently expresses her views with clarity and sincerity.”

    • Thank you very much Mr Parikh.
      The complements are overwhelming, especially coming from a senior
      environmental consultant like you. Hope both are work will create a better
      environment for everyone.

  • Apart from being an amazing teacher, Mona Ma’am has helped me venture out into the professional spectre as well. She’s given me a platform to voice my opinions countless times, and I will be forever grateful to her for that!

    Inside the classroom, she goes out of her way to ensure that classes are interactive, which is of utmost importance when you’re studying journalism.

    All in all, I can say that lucky are those who’ve gotten a chance to study or work with her!

    • Hi Abdullah

      Aww ….. what a sweet comment. I am glad I could inspire and help you as you venture into your
      career. It is always a pleasure teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with students
      like you who are eager to learn and grow.

  • Really amazing ma’am!
    As usual you are a good writer as well as a good professor
    Best wishes to you ma’am to achieve more and more .

  • The interview truly brings out who Monarose is as a person. Her articles to which I am no stranger to, bring to the forefront, diverse and thought provoking opinions. I know her to be a strong proponent for equal rights of women and even more against hypocrisy prevailing in our society.

    • Hi Ancy

      How sweet of you to appreciate my work both as a writer and as a media professor. You are always eager to learn.
      Students like you who are eager to learn always motivate me. Thanks for all the appreciation and respect.

    • Adv Anthony
      U sure make a good judge.

      Thanks fr always understanding and appreciating my views.

      I appreciate your compliments. Thank you very much.

  • Really amazing ma’am!
    We all know that you are a good writer as well as a good professor
    Good wishes to you ma’am for more and more success.

  • Aunty Mona’s love for kids is so profound, that all the stories that she writes are an extension of that love. Best wishes.

    • Oh Tasleem
      So sweet of you to write such lovely compliments. Thanks very much dear

  • I have known Monarose for some time, only as a journalist till now. Have read her articles about Music, Arts, Artistes & related topics. Her writings are well written & informative.

    Glad to know another side of this wonderful writer.

    My best wishes to Monarose for all her future endeavours.

    Bangalore Amrit _ Khanjira Artiste

    • Amrit, how sweet of you to write in. Your words are like the sweet sound of the kangira. Its an amazing instrument

  • a nice interview …
    growing up my kids hav been readng all her books n hav literally lived with all her characters ….
    a multi talented writer and teacher …
    wishg her all the best for the future …

    • Thanks Fram,

      Your comment is very inspiring and encouraging.
      I am glad you found my books educating and entertaining.

    • Thanks Alkesh

      Big fan. How sweet. Bigger than your muscles? I really appreciate your compliment.

    • Thanks Alkesh

      Big fan. How sweet. Bigger than your muscles? I really appreciate your compliment.

  • Highly informative enjoyable and engrossing interview.

    “Why reading is important for children ? ”
    The response has everything in a nutshell.

    Had read my school classmates articles in The TOI ,years ago.
    However was unaware of her talent in writing books for children.

    Intend buying Mona’s books
    and reading them out to my 5 year old grandkid . If the interview is anything to go by , it definitely would be an enjoyable journey for both of us.

  • One of my college life’s biggest highlight is my interaction with Monarose ma’am. She’s not only fierce and smart, she’s a great teacher!✨
    I’m glad for the guidance she’s given me and for the times she’s pushed me and told me my worth. All the best, Mona ma’am 😀

    • What a sweet
      comment Kanan. Thanks fr the compliments. I did not know I made such a great impact on ur life

  • You’re a commendable professor .
    Always ,always there to guide your students and help them with the least important issue to the most .

    And a conscientious journalist and i look up to you and take great pride in your work.?

  • You have always been an inspiring figure for me! Learning has always been fun and interactive with you ma’am. Your teaching has helped me alot in my journalism field. Proud to be your student

  • Ma’am has always been an inspiration through her teachings at college. She is the best teacher/Professor one could ask for!

  • Mona ma’am your work seems inspiring and very engrossing for kids as well as elders. Keep up the good work please.

  • Monarose Ma’am is a wonderful person, I’m sure her words will make a huge impact on the readers. Being her student I’ve personally experienced how beautifully she incorporates her experiences while teaching and it is always fun talking to her. She wishes the best for all her students. Wishing her all the very best for the future.

  • You’re an excellent mentor….
    The teaching skills you inculcate are just tremendous.. I have not seen any teacher who would pour out her heart at teaching..
    You are the best ma’am..
    Love Prachi 🙂

  • Hello Ma’am,
    Getting in a conversation with you was always fun.
    You have always guided us through the right path, be it with studies or career.
    Loved the way you write & explain.

  • Monarose ma’am you are my guru and am always proud to have a teacher like you who has always been positive towards us who made a very beautiful connection with us the way you thought us was more like a parent teaching their own kid always encouraging❤️❤️ Love you with whole heart and blessing ❤️❤️

  • Unlike many authors, I have the privilege of knowing Monarose personally and professionally. Your books are a delight for the young minds. To be called India’s Enid Blyton is by far a huge success! You are in your way a brilliant educationalist as well. Hearty congratulations and do let me know when your next book is out!

  • Unlike most authors, I have the privilege of knowing Mona personally and professionally! To be called India’s very own Enid Blyton is a great deal and I congratulate her with this feat of success. A dynamic writer indeed, with the passion of a great educationalist. All the very best for your future endeavours.

  • A very lovely mentor
    and a good professor who is also a very
    good writer.A genius
    who believes a good education gives you good values which remains throughout your life.

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