Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP Files Lawsuit Against St. Christopher’s Inc., City Of New York, New York City Administration For Children’s Services And Good Shepard/McMahon Services For Children, Under New York’s Child Victims Act

Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, a personal injury law firm based in New York City,

NEW YORK, March 1, 2021  Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, a personal injury law firm based in New York City, http://www.nycLawFirm.com has filed a lawsuit in Bronx County Supreme Court (70021/2021), alleging that from approximately 1997-1998, Plaintiff, then a minor, was sexually abused on multiple occasions – both on and off-campus – while a resident in St. Mary’s Cottage on the Jennie Clarkson campus of St. Christopher’s Inc., a residential non-profit treatment facility and/or foster/group home. Plaintiff was placed at St. Christopher’s Inc by the Defendants, City of New York, New York City Administration for Children’s Services and Good Shepard/McMahon Services for Children. During Plaintiff’s residency at St. Christopher’s an employee, agent and/or representative of Defendant, namely Carlos Gill, sexually abused plaintiff over 100 occasions. The sexual abuse included kissing, fondling, oral sex, digital penetration, and vaginal sexual intercourse. Plaintiff was impregnated by Carlos Gill and the pregnancy was terminated. It is alleged that employees, agents and/or representatives of St. Christopher’s Inc were aware and/or knew about the sexual abuse being committed by Carlos Gill upon Plaintiff.

This lawsuit was filed under New York’s Child Victims Act which allows innocent victims of child sexual abuse the opportunity to seek compensation and hold their perpetrators accountable. Prior to the enactment of the Child Victims Act last year, the statute of limitations would have already expired for this child sexual abuse victim. New York residents who were sexually abused as children now have until August 14, 2021 to pursue claims.

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