KnowledgeHut upGrad launches Data Engineering and AI Engineering bootcamps 

KnowledgeHut upGrad launches Data Engineering and AI Engineering bootcamps

Designed to help experienced professionals go to the next level in their careers, Aligned with the industry 2.0 vision, learners successfully completing the course are expected to get salaries of around INR40-60 lakhs PA.

KnowledgeHut upGrad, Bangalore-based leading technology skilling provider and a part of Asia’s Higher Edtech major, upGrad, today announced the launch of its industry redefining Data engineering and AI Engineering Boot-camps.

With the launch of these courses, KnowledgeHut has become the only company in India that has the competency and depth to provide the most comprehensive package with all the possible tools and technologies needed to cover the entire spectrum in the Data Science category. Over the next 2-3 quarters, KnowledgeHut will take the current 40-50 Data Science courses to more than 100, ensuring that learners are fully equipped with all the tools they may need for their future skills.

AI engineers lead technology’s charge into the future, and it is currently one of the most in-demand roles. AI engineers combine engineering, computer science, and machine learning principles to give machines problem-solving abilities. AI engineers create advanced learning models applicable across industries, including manufacturing, finance, and healthcare, among many others. AI engineers are responsible for some of the most influential inventions like self-driving cars, AI-generated video and music suggestions and predictive analysis in sports, etc.

Similarly, demand for Data Engineers is also skyrocketing. While Data Scientists use their skills to create models and solve problems, data engineers build and manage the infrastructure that sits between data sources and data analytics. Data engineers work in a variety of settings to build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. Their ultimate goal is to make data accessible so that organizations can use it to evaluate and optimize their performance, making Data Engineers central to an enterprise’s data team.

LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report ranked data science as the fastest growing segment and has witnessed a growth of over 650% since 2012 and is slated to grow to 230.80 billion dollars by 2026.

Commenting on the launch, Subramanyam Reddy, CEO, and Founder, KnowledgeHut upGrad, said, “India’s data engineering segment is currently pegged at USD 18.2 billion and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 36.7% in the next five years to reach USD 86.9 billion by 2027. The demand for data and AI engineering-focused talent has seen an enormous surge, and most companies are extensively hiring for these roles. These courses are especially critical for learners with some amount of experience who are looking to level up in their careers. Our new engineering boot camps have been specially designed and customized for experienced professionals to equip and empower them with the right skills-sets and keep them in demand for future roles as they evolve in the workplace”.

“Today, multiple sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, fintech, and telecommunications, among others, are deploying data and AI-based solutions that have engineers are the core. With more promising opportunities emerging in this segment, it is crucial that we offer the necessary and relevant training with the required skill competencies and updated domain knowledge. Our courses offer a holistic learning experience including interview training to enable learners to find the best possible job with the best possible pay across the world”, added Mr. Reddy.

As part of the boot camps, KnowledgeHut’s programs will be offered in flexible online self-paced and blended learning formats for an integrated learning experience. The Data Engineering Bootcamp will be structured in two phases. In the foundation phase, candidates will learn about cutting-edge tools and technologies, including Data warehousing, Linux, Python, SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Big Data processing, Big Data security, AWS, etc. In the advanced learning phase, learners will be designing and creating databases, capturing and analyzing data, building APIs with CRUD functionalities, preparing data models, etc.

As is the case for all of Knowledgehut’s boot camps, the courses will enable learners to strengthen their portfolios, giving them the capability to handle complex business problems in the data engineering and data science environment. The AI Engineering course is designed with a problem-solution approach where learners will gain insights into the deployment of Python Basics, Statistics and Math, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks.

Apart from the comprehensive course curriculum, the Knowledgehut boot camps also come with the advantage of being on the PRISM platform, KnowledgeHut’s flagship learning experience platform. PRISM’s user-friendly dashboard empowers learners with a 360-degree immersive learning experience —where live interactive instructor-led sessions are combined with micro-learning modules. Learner comprehension is assessed in real-time and strengthened with knowledge retention quizzes, assessments, assignments, and projects. Driving Knowledgehut’s outcome focus, PRISM’s comprehensive assessment framework maps real-world job roles to the combination of skills that a learner needs to succeed. Every learning asset on PRISM is mapped to this hierarchical framework, and as learners progress through the program, their macro-level progress is observed and fed into PRISM’s reporting framework, which provides realistic insights into the performance and progress of the learner.

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