JK Business School students visit “The Earth Saviours Foundation”

JK Business School, located in Gurugram, is connected with Gurugram University.

Every year JK Business School conducts such visits to nurture a sense of duty among students toward the particular segment of the society

JK Business School (JKBS), a premier Business School in India and Asia’s top industry-anchored B-School, recently paid a visit to The Earth Saviours Foundation as part of its annual CSR program. Under the auspices of the Hell Club, PGDM students, and Brig.

Dr. Ajay Mehta – HOD HR and Registrar, JK Business School, interacted with poor senior persons. All the students gladly participated and mingled with the inhabitants of The Earth Saviours Foundation, spending the day with them and sharing delight.

They also make good use of their pocket money by providing necessities to those in need.

For several years, more than 14 NGOs, including Orphanages, and nursing homes, have been visited by our student volunteers.

The main aim of the visit was to sensitize students to develop a generous feeling about particular segments of society and extend help in any way possible to this section.

Further, it makes the young mind serve the needy, making them responsible citizens.

“I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts of our students for contributing their bit to society.” She added, “All these visits give our students an awareness of the existence of poor, oppressed lifestyle and also a feeling to acknowledge their good fortune and create a sense of duty towards those less fortunate which is the need of the hour for our country’s development. These visits provide children with a learning experience and help them grasp the value of enjoying the little things in life.”

Prof. (Dr.) Richa Dahiya, Dean, JK Business School, said,

The organization has contributed to the education business for over 135 years and continues to carry the tradition.

JK Business School, located in Gurugram, is connected with Gurugram University, a State University of Haryana, and offers management and business-related courses.

JK Business School’s purpose is to prepare students for the modern business environment, which requires competent and skilled individuals.

It provides a learning environment where students can grow and learn through a practical experiences such as real-life situations and case studies, applications based on real-world industry data, exciting projects, and an extended corporate link where industry veterans handle academic delivery.

About JK Business School

JK Business School (JKBS) is a member of the JK organization (one of the leading private sector groups in India) with a great history of contributing to Indian business through diverse industries and initiatives.
The institute has a very talented team of faculty that includes both core & visiting. The faculty has comprehensive national & international teaching and industry experience.
JK Business School is ranked #7 among India’s Top 10 private higher education institutions for Best Academia-Industry Alliance in the Education World India Higher Education Grand Jury Awards 2020-21.
JKBS has ranked 23rd in Top Private B-Schools in India by Education World Ranking. Top 10 Best Global Institutes for Marketing Programs- The Knowledge Review.
Top 38 Private Business Schools- Business World Ranking and 3rd rank – Top B-Schools of Eminence, GHRDC- CSR Ranking.
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