Humour in Classrooms: From Oh No to Arey Waah – THUNDERBOLTS 7th Episode

Positive Thoughts: What We Say And Think Matters How Unconcious Stigma May Worsen Mental Health
THUNDERBOLTS Have a funny hat day, or mismatched socks day, or some other funny dress-up time.

Positive Thoughts Family THUNDERBOLTS is a global community from PAN India and almost 40 different countries

POSITIVE THOUGHTS presented its 7th Episode of THUNDERBOLTS, on 27th June, 21 @ 6:00 PM IST through ZOOM as well as showcased on “FACEBOOK LIVE” on the official page of “POSITIVE THOUGHTS”.

Members joined from different parts of the world namely India, USA, Brunei Darussalam, Albania, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, UAE, Croatia.

Positive Thoughts Family is a global community from PAN India and almost 40 different countries, on a mission to learn, connect, share, and bridge the gap between Brands/Organizations/Nations and will work on the Mission of Empowerment for” STRESS-FREE EDUCATION & LIFE.”

This Elite Executive community is for all the like-minded Positive People from all across the globe who want to share, Inspire, and help each other grow their successes together by empowering one another.

For the Seventh Episode of Thunderbolts, Dr. Sapna Agarwal was invited by Positive Thoughts to deliver her experience on a paramount and vital topic, Humour in Classrooms: From Oh No to Arey Waah!!”. Dr. Sapna Agarwal is a Academic Evangelist, Director Academics EDGE Academy, Kota, I Big Wonder channel on YouTube, NEP Expert, School Consultant, Mentor & a Story Teller. Dr. Shelly Bhutani has hosted the session. She is a Principal, CBSE National Master Trainer, Author & Mentor.

Dr. Shelly Bhutani started the session of Thunderbolts by introducing Dr. Gaurav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts and sailed through his journey of finding his purpose in life and building a community of like-minded people filled with motivation and satisfaction.

She highlighted the common understanding of the term ‘Humour in Classrooms’ and invited Dr. Sapna Agarwal to enlighten the audience on the advanced understanding of the “Humour in Classrooms”.

Dr. Sapna Agrawal is an astute academician, dynamic and socially active with qualitative experience of more than 22 years at higher echelon for Knowledge management, Children education, Training and Development, Child Psychology,

Science and its spiritual understanding. She is from Armed forces Background with core competency in leadership skills and high values. She believes that Education reforms & innovative methodology can create wonders. She has conducted webinars regularly on NEP, Leadership during & Post Pandemic, 

Lesson Planning for Virtual Classes, Conducting effective Virtual Classes with Learning Outcomes, Changed roles & responsibility on Virtual Learning Platforms.

She is a powerful motivator, having won the Zone & National Awards of Most Outstanding Speaker in Junior Chamber International India. She uses innovative training techniques & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock the ideas and invoking participants own ability to solve their problems and relate real life situations.

She contributes articles in TOI supplements.  Dr. Sapna explains Humour helps us build our relationships, making the classroom a place where students feel loved and feel that they belong. When students get their needs met, they can learn at an astounding rate. Humour is a powerful tool that aids in this process. Laughter is such a genuine and authentic human reaction to finding something funny, and it’s also a way to feel enlivened and excited.

Feeling excited is an important part of curiosity, and curiosity is one of the most significant aspects of learning. Humour keeps us engaged and interested; it can also help us feel like we are part of a community, and it can help us maintain perspective when something feels hard. For all of these reasons, humour can be an amazing tool in the classroom.

Why Humour in Classrooms:

  • Get’s people to listen
  • Increase Long Term Memory Retention
  • Improves Understanding
  • Great Learning Aid
  • Helps in Communicating Messages
  • Improves Collaboration
  • Diffuse Conflicts
  • Build Trust

Humour Improves Teaching and Learning

  • Keeping your students engaged
  • Showing your students that you’re a person, too
  • .Helping create community in your classroom
  • Lightening the mood when things feel too hard
  • Laugh at yourself — when you do something silly or wrong, mention it and laugh at it.
  • Keep a quotable quotes bulletin board or corner in your room — look for humor quotes and post them and encourage your students to do the same.
  • Keep a cartoon file, and have an area where you can display one or two a day on a rotating basis, with students making the choice.
  • Have Joke Friday — ask students to bring in jokes to share, either to start the day on Friday, to make a transition between lunch and the following class, or at the end of the day.
  • Have a funny hat day, or mismatched socks day, or some other funny dress-up time.
  • Build creative and humorous thinking by showing cartoons and picture without captions and asking students to create them — individually, in pair-shares, or small groups.
  • Ask students to bring in books they think are funny. Ask them to talk about why, and to use examples from the book.

At last, Dr. Supriya Kumaravelan was so grateful to Dr. Gaurav Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Positive Thoughts for creating this platform & gave the vote of thanks to Dr. Sapna Agrawal for giving her precious time on Thunderbolts and shared her insights on this crucial topic – ‘Humour in Classrooms’. She also virtually facilitated the Trainer Dr. Sapna Agrawal by the certificate followed by to the Moderator, Dr. Shelly Bhutani.

This news is shared to Prittle Prattle News.

By Gaurav Sharma

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