EduCrack’s Vision: To provide a real-world classroom experience based on artificial intelligence

Prittle Prattle in conversation with  Mr Anand Bhushan, CEO, Educrack

EduCrack started in 2020 with a belief that anyone who is willing to gain knowledge should never be left behind irrespective of their geographical and socio-economic condition. After developing the courses and content and building robust and cutting-edge systems EduCrack is now ready to serve the student community.

What Services and products do you offer?
We offer preparation for competitive exams like MBA Entrance, Law Entrance, Campus Recruitments, and English Proficiency. Besides these, we would be ready to come out with Entrance Test Preparations for UPSC, Bank PO, IPM etc in a few months.

How many Employees does your company have?
EduCrack have 25 Employees beside working with Off rollers.

What is the mission and vision of your company? EduCrack aspires to provide it’s students an actual classroom environment based on AI supported teaching offered by World class Educators and learning platforms on devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc by implementing modernized teaching systems and exam relevant preparation using latest technological advancement like Ai and ML.

EduCrack aims to prepare students for competitive examinations, professional courses, and also co curricular courses for the overall development of its students.

What made you decide to start a company in this industry?
The reason ‘why’ dates back to my own educational experience. I’ve always fancied what a teacher can possibly do with enough compassion and care. When Education started shifting towards the display from boards, I got a little worried about whether the future would be lucky enough to receive the same care, compassion, and wisdom as I hod got from my wonderful teachers and their surroundings. I knew that academics and content might get a boost with this powerful and amazing changes happening, But, a lot of invisible things like delivery of the content, feedback mechanism and the responses might get hampered. Most other EdTechs I could see, had the spotlight on their own system. We tried to make the student the centre of our systems.

5 points for Entrepreneur readers
• If you’ve already started something then well, you already are among the top few per cent of population who have the courage to take decisions of their own. Stick to it. First step is always the most difficult one to take. Whoever is running today once was crawling.
• Don’t try to be next big thing immediately. Good things take time and as I said above, feedback and improvement is what leads you to the perfections. Google, Apple, Netflix or Tesla, none of them had this much planned from the beginning. Start small, get the Feedback. Improve. Grow.
• There’s this old Chinese proverb- “Money flows, where it’s needed.’’ Don’t just go on asking, create the need for money. Saving for your future expenses and storing for the winters won’t take you anywhere.
• Most of the edtech start-ups that fail ; fail because they are not able to provide the right dosage of content per student. Everything has to be built around the content and the students’ needs. All the marketing in the world cannot sell a bad product in the Education sector.
• Don’t Quit. This is the most important message actually. Rest, You will be able to figure out on your own.

5 Points for Professional readers
• Keep Investing. By investing I don’t mean in shares, trades or Bitcoin. You have to outgrow yourself. Always work on Improving yourself. It looks miniscule while seen over a period of a day, week or a month but when seen in years and decades you will end up changing the entire level of mediocrity
• Learning doesn’t stop. The only thing constant is change. You’ve heard it multiple times. Right? Well, still relevant. New techs, language, trends keep coming every day. If you’ve to work parallel, Stay Updated.
• Maintain valuable relations- When things will go south, and believe me when I say, they definitely will. People who you’ve walking, drinking and smoking with will be the one making most impact.
• Read. Consumption of knowledge will make you worth listening. Do it on a daily basis.
• Take care of your health. It’s very important for a long career and for flourishing in it.

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