EduCrack’s verdict on e-learning is a boon or a curse

2010s saw the democratisation of education through the application of Internet.

All those colleges and professors who had certain terms and conditions to teach you something valuable had started to slowly look ridiculous. People who possessed knowledge but not the degrees were becoming more popular than the conventional teachers as disseminators of knowledge and wisdom.

The developed countries had figured out the technology and people had access to affordable and fast internet facility but India still was divided between two classes; people who had access to laptops, computer, smartphones, and people still watching the display in complete awestruck manner wishing if they will ever have a chance to get a hands-on experience. The latter needed E-Learning more than the first one. As time passed, people realised that they needed to adjust every other expense to be present digitally. Internet allowed knowledge to reach where it was scarce. It was time for the educators and education houses to utilise the Smartphone and internet combination. They were everywhere, may it be YouTube, applications or websites.

By this time, Education was in a phase of balance between traditional and online classes. But the debate had not yet been settled. People gave different, and at times opposing logic, to justify their own perspective.

Then, Covid happened, every traditional class in the world was shut. Webcams, microphones and green screens saw a real surge along with the mask and the sanitizer. The world saw the real potential of E-Learning. Two complete batches of Engineers, architects, MBA graduates and various other streams tried and learned everything through zoom.

The jury is still out on the question whether e-learning is a boon or a bane. The most honest answer that can be given right now is, “It depends.” When major changes take place in something as fundamental as education or health, there will always be things which were good with the previous system. Some even after getting convinced will not follow the change but because of the diversity and accessibility the newer is bringing with itself. They do not want to make the hard choice.

Sceptics talk about E-Learning having issues like lack of Discipline and trusting the student too much. A plethora of free content is available but does the student have the wisdom to decide which is useful and which is not? Also, e-learning mandates that the students is self-disciplined enough.

However, it can be also be argued that a person who lacks these qualities might not have done something good even with the traditional set-up.

However, one reality needs to be accepted. You and I neither have the capability nor the ability to stop this unstoppable force. It gives you the freedom of place and time and more importantly makes the learning beautiful and easy with graphics and outliers unlike the traditional text filled books very often used in place of sleeping pills. The Luddites who do oppose this are doing so at their own peril.

With easy accessibility, E-Learning has thousands of educators now, but there’s no way to find someone authentic. Besides there is risk of fraud, propaganda and misinformation.

At EduCrack we believe in providing the students and aspirant with what they need, not what they want or what would keep them entertained. Entertrain ? Yes. Entertain? No.
The good news is that E-Learning is ‘Good News’. It is a ‘boon’ with a few minor ifs and buts. And these ifs and buts would get ironed out over a period of time, when the students and parents realise that the need from an E Learning Organisation is to get ‘Entertrained’ and not ‘Entertained’. Period.
We at EduCrack believe this new e-learning will find its balance with the classrooms and make them something which none of us have imagined till now creating immense value and benefit for the student community.
The authored article is written by Mr Anand Bhushan, CEO, Educrack and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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