Does Ivy League education REALLY expand avenues to success?

students applied for admission abroad education, the number of Indian applicants in highly selective foreign universities has increased to over 10.6 lakh each year.

From a time when just 60,000 students applied for admission abroad education, the number of Indian applicants in highly selective foreign universities has increased to over 10.6 lakh each year.

This exponential growth motivates many more students to apply for education overseas.

However, it also unlocks a series of doubts and confusions around the true value that ivy league education introduces to one’s career. Read on to gain a better grasp around the subject.

Recent years have seen a massive increase in people moving towards overseas education. While most people have firm faith in the prospects channeled through the means of pursuing an education abroad, others still ponder over the actual benefits that can be reaped by ivy league education.

In our attempt to put this confusion to rest, we have curated a list of factors that set you apart from the crowd as an ivy league graduate. Read on to find out more!

Unmatched Quality of Education

Even though this is a domain that has been highlighted on before, elaboration around this is never enough. The quality of education that one can access at an ivy league institution remains absolutely unparalleled.

Everything from the educational resources and apparatus to the opportunities and exposure you can gain through the experience cannot be replicated.

Expansive Networking Opportunities

When you enter a space as dynamic as an ivy league institution, you experience the best of everything, including the best of people and opportunities.

Existing amid a group of like-minded individuals often opens up the doorways to exciting new ventures. It can sometimes foster partnerships and business models that end up becoming entire career paths.

Cross Disciplinary Perspective

As a part of an ivy league institution, you don’t necessarily just build upon the knowledge within your study sphere. Rather, you will spend your time familiarized with multitudinous knowledge streams.

This cross-disciplinary setup acquaints you with an array of diversified perspectives embellishes your character and persona like nothing else.

Better Career Initiation

The beginning stages of one’s career determine how high one soars later in life. It is, therefore essential to line up the best-in-class opportunities so that one can kickstart one’s career with a prestigious organization that offers a lucrative starting salary package.
This is where being a part of an ivy league institution can be rewarding because it can get you connected to top-notch opportunities for personal and professional development alike.

Model Trajectories To Follow

When we look up to role models to follow, more often than not, we find people who graduated from ivy league institutions in our list of role models.
Every premier institution has its load of personal success stories to share with the world, which speaks volumes about the impact a good institution can have on an individual’s career.
Acquiring your education in the same vicinity as the person you revere would certainly have an impact your motivation and your subsequent performance in your academic and professional life.

Your Dream Organization Will Come Looking For You

When it comes to the best of companies, it is the ivy league schools that they first head to during their hiring drives. So if you aspire to become a part of a global organization, admission to an ivy school could be a route towards that journey.
To sum it up, we can state that even though admittance to an ivy league institution does not guarantee success, it sure does put you in an immensely powerful position to access greater success.
The authored article is written by Ms. Shivangi Gupta, Founder, Intelligent Education and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.
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