College consensus publishes ranking of the most affordable colleges for 2022

College Consensus, a unique college ratings website that aggregates publisher rankings and student reviews, has published its rankings of the 100 Most Affordable Colleges for 2022.

College Decision Day is rapidly approaching, and for many students, cost is a top consideration.

With College Decision Day rapidly approaching, prospective students face the difficult task of selecting a college to attend.

A key factor in this decision? Cost.

“On average, college costs American undergraduate students $35,331 per year, Not only is this number egregious, the vast majority of students don’t have this kind of money on hand—and hesitate to take out massive loans to cover the cost. That’s where affordable colleges really shine.”

says College Consensus founder Jeremy Alder.

“Affordable colleges allow students to receive a quality education—without breaking the bank and setting themselves up for a lifetime of loan repayment,”

continues Jeremy Alder.

To determine the Most Affordable Colleges, College Consensus ordered colleges from lowest to highest out-of-state tuition & fees for full-time undergraduates using the latest tuition data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

The Top 10 Most Affordable Colleges for 2022 are:

United States Merchant Marine Academy Brigham Young University-Idaho Aspen University Columbia Southern University Brigham Young University-Hawaii Brigham Young University Warner Pacific University Professional and Graduate Studies Central Methodist University-College of Graduate and Extended Studies United States University Huntington University of Health Sciences

Visit the ranking to view the full list.

“It’s no secret that large-scale changes need to be made to reduce the cost of college for students, continues “In the meantime, students should have access to reputable information about the price tag of college so they can make the best decision for themselves and their futures.”

College Consensus founder Jeremy Alder.

In addition to offering an innovative approach to college and graduate school rankings, College Consensus also offers expert advice and guidance on all aspects of college life, from finding the perfect college, to getting accepted, paying for it, applying to and attending graduate school, and finding a professional path after graduation.

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