Chrysalis: Celebrating Two Decades of Transforming Classrooms to ThinkRooms

Working with more than nine lakh students from 1800-plus schools across 20 states

Mumbai, Chrysalis, India’s leading educational research and innovation organisation announced the remarkable transformation it has brought to over 1800+ schools and around one million students across the country. It has done this through sustained research on education and pedagogy since its inception. The Chennai headquartered Ed-tech company has its presence in 20 states.

Started in the year 2001, Chrysalis has grown from an organisation of five members to a strong team of more than 200 “Chrysalians” today. With 20 years of deep-domain expertise, Chrysalis offers its services to K-8 institutions by providing them digital infrastructure through research and curriculum design. Its blended learning programme brings out insights on learning outcomes of children. The approach provides a holistic education to the children and enhances teachers’ efficiency.

Chrysalis launched its flagship product ThinkRoom in the year 2012, a child-centric academic programme based on human potential framework through the movement ‘Education for Human Potential’ after more than a decade of intense pedagogic research. It aims to address four important developmental domains of a child, which are cognitive, emotional, social and meta-cognitive leading to a whole child development. Through ThinkRoom, Chrysalis supports schools in transforming their academics, teacher professional development, pedagogical leadership and school growth.

Key milestones:
• Partnered with more than 1800 schools
• Is present in 20 states and expanding
• Impacted the educational journey of almost one million students • Launched its flagship product ThinkRoom in 2012Is associated with corporate players across sectors for CSR initiatives – Wipro, IBM, Nokia, Dell and Azim Premji Foundation, among others.
Chitra Ravi, CEO and Founder of Chrysalis said, ‘Education is a dynamic field that is ever evolving. It requires careful assessment to create innovative solutions to develop the potential of a child. We have been focused on our ‘child first’ philosophy in all the developing solutions that we have implemented in mainstream schools. We have come a long way since the introduction of ThinkRoom and blended learning. I believe, our highly motivated and inspired team of Chrysalians have significantly contributed in making the journey smooth. What keeps us going is the realisation that we are able to bring developmental change in the foundational years of a child’s life and that teachers are no longer just teaching students ‘information’ from the textbook. Rather they develop the skills and values that their subject has to ideally nurture in students’. She also adds, ‘One of
biggest quality metric is retention rates and Chrysalis consistently sees around 90% retention of clients’.
Blended learning is the way of the future, and we are well equipped to support our partner schools to take this transformation and align themselves as per NEP 2020. Chrysalis offers ThinkRoom Blended Learning programme in partnership with KidsLoop a Global EdTech platform to transform school education in India. KidsLoop has over 3 million children in their EdTech platform focussing on AI, data science and analytics. Chrysalis aims to transform the learning methodology of over 25 million students by 2025.
Chrysalis offers ‘whole-child methodology’ in developing children’s skills and capability through activity-based learning solutions and tech-enabled features. With schools understanding the importance of educational research for progress, educational institutions are now more open to collaborating with Chrysalis. Around 86 per cent of schools choose to continue their journey with Chrysalis every year.
About Chrysalis:
Chrysalis is leading a fundamental reform in school education by challenging mediocre practices in the educational ecosystem. Its vision is to awaken human potential in every child. The movement is super-powered since inception (in the year 2001) of state-of-the-art research and innovation and a fearless, passionate team of 200 Chrysalians. Chrysalis partners with over 1800+ schools by offering ThinkRoom, a systematic change programme. Chrysalis has come up with several initiatives during the pandemic to ensure continuity of learning, and more importantly, to ensure the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

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