Career opportunities in the Apparel Sector for the 12th Pass

What after class 12th? Which course to pursue after 12thto become employable? What are the career options for me after the 12th? Can I pursue my career without higher education? These are a few common questions every student has in his mind after passing out from school. The confusion regarding career, job opportunities, and different courses prevails among the students. To be honest, these queries are universal and you are not alone having such doubts.

Before moving ahead, let’s understand what took us to write this article? Well, it has been noticed that medical and engineering: the most common sought-after courses after 12th aren’t a piece of cake, and there are many students who want to pursue short-term skill-oriented courses so that they can start their career as soon as possible. Now the question arises What are some other options that can make you employable? Therefore, we have listed below the best Apparel related courses which you might consider after completing your 12th.

Pattern Maker:
Apparel pattern maker plays an important role in the clothing industry. Individuals in this position are responsible for taking fashion designers’ ideas and creating a workable pattern that will ultimately become an article of clothing. Pattern makers often are required to define initial fashion designs and work closely with designers to achieve the desired look more accurately. Patternmakers use their knowledge of fabrics, sewing skills, and ability to alter garments to draft a pattern that replicates a design concept.

Apparel Made-ups and Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC), which is an apex body for skill development and certification in the apparel domain, under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneur, has developed ‘Qualification Packs’ (QPs) aligning to International standards for pattern making job role. The council has aligned its skilling competencies with the industry requirements and is making an all-out effort to meet the industry requirements for skilled and certified pattern makers with relevant technical capabilities, thus giving the necessary boost to the growth of the sector along with creating employment opportunities for the youth of the nation.

Career and Economic Outcome: A good way to begin your pattern-making career is to acquire a position that is just below that of a pattern maker. For instance, include a grader or fabric cutter. These positions will provide work experience and knowledge that is applicable to the pattern maker position. In addition, you will be in a position to move directly into an available pattern maker opening once you are ready. At this stage, a skilled person can earn around Rs 15,000 monthly. With experience and expertise, one’s income can potentially increase.

Assistant Fashion Designer:
One of the most creative course options, Fashion Design, is a prosperous vocational education stream not only in India but also abroad. The Fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds, and that too within a span of a decade. If you are looking for a career in this field after class 12th, selecting the right Fashion Designing course is bound to open up a plethora of opportunities for you. Aspirants who have cleared their Class 12th from any stream (Science/ Commerce/ Arts) can pursue an Assistant Fashion Designer course from any recognized training partner of AMHSSC.
Career and Economic Outcome: Skilled Assistant Fashion Designer youths have a plethora of opportunities before them. After completing their course, aspirants can work with fashion designers as well as corporates. They can work in Production, Fashion Marketing, Design Production Management, Fashion Media, Quality Control, Fashion Accessories Design, and Brand Promotion. Apart from this, one can also make a great career as a Costume Designer, Fashion Consultant, Graphic Designer, Production Pattern Maker, Fashion Coordinator, etc. As a trainee, they can get a salary 10-12 thousand; however, with experience, they can earn more than 30-35 thousand.

Processing Supervisor (Dyeing& Printing)
The Processing Supervisor is a job role in wet processing. He is an overall in-charge ofprocesses related to dyeing and printing of textile products, monitoring production, quality, and timely delivery of products suitable for next operations. Processing Supervisor (Dyeing & Printing) is responsible for monitoring production, quality and smooth operation of processes beginning with development of the recipe to execution of processes with junior management cadres working as a team. He also ensures discharge of effluents as per defined statutory norms. He/she should have good interpersonal skills, vigilant and good eyesight to detect defects or abnormality in the process. He/she should be keen on learning with aptitude in chemistry. He/she should possess good oral communication skills in vernacular and simple English. This course is very good for those people who want to join this industry after 12th.

Career and Economic Outcome: There are good employment opportunities in the fashion house after doing the course. You can start working as a dyeing and printing expert. Apart from this, if you possess good understanding of color composition, then you can make a great career as a fashion accessories design, costume designer, fashion consultant, fashion coordinator, etc. As a trainee, the salary ranges from 10-12 thousand. With experience, anyone starts making up to 30-35 thousand. Apart from this, you can also set up your own business.
Hand Embroiderer

The tasks an Embroider is expected to perform include making a decorative design on fabrics and other materials by hand and by using needles & thread. In the last few years, the fashion of handcrafts has started to reappear. Embroidery on clothes today is done by machines as well as by hand. In embroidery, fine work is done with colored cotton or silk threads by fitting cotton, georgette, silk, and chiffon cloth on a wooden round frame. Many big designers like Manish Malhotra, Anamika Khanna, Tarun Tahilani have also presented a collection of traditional sarees with a modern twist of hand embroidery. To explore the career opportunities in this field, there are four courses, Hand Embroidery, Embroidery Machine Operator, Framer Computerized Embroidery Machine, and Hand Embroider Addawala, run by AMHSSC for skilling the youth.

Career and Economic Outcome: There are good employment opportunities in the fashion house after doing the course. Apart from this, you can get a job in embroidery with any fashion designer. As a trainee, the salary ranges from 10-14 thousand. With the experience, one’s starts making up to 25-35 thousand. You can also start your own work.

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