Brainly Survey: 51% of Indian students find it difficult to learn science concepts without live teacher’s support

90+ My Tuition App Launches ‘College Connect’, aims to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for college students
90+ My Tuition App Launches ‘College Connect’, aims to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for college students

Brainly Survey 36% ofusers claim that online learning platforms were the most helpful while studying science, followed by teachers and parents at 23% and 22% respectively

Mumbai, March 3, 2021: Brainly Survey is the world’s largest online learning platform. It has a community of more than 350 million students, parents, and teachers who drive collaborative learning. While the platform has a total of 55 million+ users from India, a large portion of its user base is also spread across the U.S., Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Poland amongst others.

On the occasion of National Science Day 2021, an overwhelming majority of Indian students at 76.2% claimed that they found online learning platforms helpful for their science-related queries, finds the latest Brainly survey. The survey is based on a sample size of 3,693 respondents from all parts of the country and deep insights into science-based challenges faced by students.

In the current scenario, students and their preparations are on the receiving end without teachers’ constant support. 51.2% of the survey respondents claimed that they found learning science-related concepts difficult without them while 19.8% believed it was hard to say. When asked which was the most challenging subject, 35.4% of students went with Maths and 24% of students seemed to stumble with Physics. Chemistry and Biology stood at 12.3% and 10.2% respectively. 

However, online learning platforms seem to have saved the day as – apart from 76.2% of students who said that they turned out to be helpful for queries and projects – 36.4% also said that they received the greatest help from such platforms during the lockdowns. Such help was followed by teachers, parents, and peers at 22.8%, 21.5%, and 5.8% respectively. As a big boost to India’s growing interest in science, 49.2% of students claimed that they wanted to build their careers in science while 25.8% of students said otherwise. 25.1% were also indecisive and might pick any of the available streams in the future. 

Speaking on the findings, Rajesh Bysani, CPO at Brainly, said, “At Brainly, we believe that the future of education combines online learning platforms and traditional schools. Science and technology are the way to go forward, especially as technology becomes more prominent across all walks of life. It’s great that students are in sync with this emerging requirement and want to pursue their careers in the field of science.”

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