Unnati, a fintech-driven agriculture ecosystem, launches Agri-Retailer Academy

Through this one-of-its-kind learning avenue, retailers will be able to get hands-on training in digital space, get educated on how to run an outlet, understand the various benefits of data insights, and so much more.

Taking significant strides to make the agriculture sector more informative, productive, and filled with progressive individuals, Unnati, a fintech-driven agriculture ecosystem, has launched a one-of-its-kind platform called the Agri-Retailer Academy.

This unprecedented academy will equip retailers with adequate education on best practices of running an outlet, hands-on training to master digital ways, data collection and analytics techniques, farmer engagement methods, and methodologies to expand the knowledge of sustainable farming to ground stakeholders. This initiative is likely to bridge the gap between retailers and much-needed modern ways of doing business, which will eventually prove profitable for all agricultural stakeholders, including farmers. Farmers will also greatly benefit from this initiative as the retailers will be well-informed about their business leading to better product recommendations, availability, etc.

This initiative to launch a specialized Agri-Retailer Academy is another measure Unnati has taken to support the underserved retailer community in the agriculture segment. It currently has a complete network of more than 48K+ retailers and plans to expand this number to 1 lakh by the end of this fiscal year.

Mr. Amit Sinha, Co-founder of Unnati, said, “At Unnati, we firmly believe retailers are an integral part of the agriculture ecosystem. Our biggest priority is to assist them in understanding modern practices and tools and help their business scale productively and safely. The Agri-Retailer Academy is launched to keep the same vision in mind. We intend to encourage retailers to become more confident and secure, to be able to survive today’s highly-competitive world, and continuously evolve during these trying yet rapidly changing times. This initiative will definitely provide the much-needed help, support retailers’ need, and strengthen our overall agriculture ecosystem. This is just another step in the right direction.”

For the uninitiated, Unnati has recently also introduced Retailer Insurance for its vast network of stores to safeguard retailers against business uncertainties. Millions of small agriculture business owners and retailers struggle with a dearth of proper knowledge, information about new-age practices, and modern resources, so Unnati is working on its mission to offer them appropriate guidance to scale their growth.

About Unnati
Unnati is a fintech-powered digital farming company offering end-to-end support for farmers across the country. Driven by data, the platform provides necessary handholding for farmers across every stage of the farming cycle, such as working capital, seed buying, purchasing the proper nutrients and pesticides for crops, harvesting, and even selling the crops. Unnati assists farmers in following the best practices in farming while aiding them financially with the help of technology. Since its inception in 2017, the platform has been committed to helping create farmer entrepreneurs by empowering them with knowledge and the right digital tools. Unnati reaches farmers through its network of digitally enabled fulfillment partners across all the major farming areas of the country. For more information, click on the link and visit Unnati’s official website

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