AKJt Acquisition Of NexGen Management

NexGen is a Cayman ManCo with an established history of supporting both traditional and crypto funds. 

 AK Jensen Group Limited, the leading provider of turnkey trading and infrastructure solutions for fund managers, today announced the acquisition of NexGen Management Limited (“NexGen”) by AKJt Holdings Limited (“AKJt”), an affiliated company.

The transaction will allow AKJt to expand its service offering for crypto fund managers and will work in conjunction with AKJ Crypto plc (“AKJC”), AKJt’s full-service platform for funds trading in digital assets. Additionally, the deal will provide additional client volume, distribution channels, and sales synergies.

In discussing the transaction, Neal Mitra, CEO of AKJ Crypto, said to Prittle Prattle News “We are thrilled to have NexGen on board and look forward to providing fund managers with an increasing breadth of options when working with us. The team at NexGen have achieved a lot within a relatively short period of time, and their capabilities will play an important role in helping to shape our trajectory. We are anticipating an exciting road ahead.”  

Gunnar Detlie, Director of NexGen, added: “NexGen brings services and expertise that will add to and complement the institution-grade turnkey solutions for which AKJ is known. We are pleased to be joining the leader in this rapidly evolving space, and we are ready to get to work.”

About AKJ Crypto plc and AK Jensen Group Limited

AKJ Crypto plc provides a full-service platform for crypto hedge fund managers and diversified participation for institutional investors, through the AKJ Token, in the cryptoeconomy. Services for crypto funds include fund formation, legal and regulatory infrastructure, trading systems, back office support, and seed capital.

AK Jensen Group Limited and its subsidiaries, established in 1995, is owned by shareholders who collectively have over US$18 billion in assets under management. The group serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world.

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