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Contentgine® Announces Acquisition of Contentree™

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Contentgine® (www.contentgine.com), the world leader in intent by engagement™ lead generation, announced today that it has acquired Contentree (www.contentree.com), the world’s largest collection of business-to-business case studies.

Contentree is a discovery tool focused exclusively on industry solutions — a vast collection of almost 500,000 vendor case studies, white papers, and other collateral — all accessible for free by those seeking industry-related solutions.

The collection is unique in that it is easily searchable and is organized by solution type, so that a business professional doing research in a particular field can see all solutions available quickly and easily.

The collection has 21,000 business-to-business vendors in more than 400 industries, including finance, healthcare, retail and utilities. In addition, Contentree covers nearly almost any industry’s equipment, software, services and materials information in an easy-to-use, searchable database.

Through the acquisition of Contentree, Contentgine® is well-positioned to fulfill its mission as the leading provider of business-to-business, highly precise first-person leads, known as Content Cultivated Leads™. Contentgine creates this in a unique model of “Intent by Engagement”™ in which the company can identify potential solution seekers based upon their accessing Contentree information. The company believes that content consumption is the strongest indicator of buyer intent.

“We are very pleased with the addition of the Contentree content library to our organization,” said Chief Operating Officer Paul Hong. “Their ability to source and curate content at scale has made us the largest library of business-to-business content globally. The synergy of the organizations will allow us to better serve the market by providing a knowledge source to industry leaders and decision-makers to help them better understand solutions to their evolving business challenges. It will also facilitate a far deeper understanding of insight into market-buying indicators, which will allow us to serve our customers in a more meaningful manner.

“This acquisition also allows us to build upon our vision of creating microsites serving and targeting specific audience interests. This will further enhance our lead conversion rates and drive better metrics for customers purchasing leads from us. We welcome Contentree to our family.”
About Contentgine®

Contentgine® is a content-driven lead generation solution. We educate business professionals about the solutions to their challenges through our content discovery platform — the world’s largest collection of business content — and score intent by analyzing engagements at the prospect and account levels.

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