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Tupperware a home products line

Tupperware Based on the number of sales achieved at their party, Tupperware hosts and hostesses are awarded free items.

Tupperware makes the kitchen and household preparation, storage, and serving items.

Tupperware: Earl Tupper created his first bell-shaped container in 1942, and the brand items were launched to the public in 1946. Tupperware is a general word for food storage container tubs made of plastic or glass with snap-close lids. Tupperware is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tupperware Brands that develops, manufactures, and sells its goods globally. Roughly 1.9 million contract direct salespeople promoted it as of 2007.

Tupperware’s top market in 2013 was Indonesia, which beat out Germany for second place.

Earl Silas Tupper 1907–83, of Leominster, Massachusetts, invented Tupperware in 1946. He developed plastic containers with a patented “burping seal” used in houses to store food and keep it airtight. Tupper had created the plastic for Tupperware in 1938, but the product only became successful after the “selling via presentation” concept was implemented in a party environment.

Tupperware created the Tupperware party as a direct marketing method to promote their products. The Tupperware party allowed 1950s women to make money while remaining at home with their families. The “party plan” approach is based on qualities that are commonly associated with housewives.
Earl Tupper dismissed Wise in 1958 due to broad differences of opinion in the Tupperware business. Tupperware officially objected to the costs incurred by the jubilee and any similar Tupperware events. Tupper had been approached by many firms interested in buying him out, but he was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to sell with a woman in an executive position. Rexall purchased Tupperware in 1958.

Mila Pond had a Tupperware party in Weybridge, England, in 1960, and Tupperware quickly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Tupperware ladies had to follow a stringent dress code at the time, with skirts and stockings tights needed at all times.

Tupperware is still primarily sold as part of a party package, with incentives for hosts and hostesses. A Tupperware party is hosted by a host or hostess who welcomes friends and neighbors into their house to showcase the product range. Based on the number of sales achieved at their party, Tupperware hosts and hostesses are awarded free items.

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