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Enjoy a hammam spa’s Turkish delights!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Turkish Hammam Spa, but you’ve always been curious about what it is and how it might help your skin. So here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to make this Turkish delicacy!

Sauna and steam

A typical hammam session begins with a short shower followed by a heated chamber. You’ll be enveloped in a cloud of foggy vapor here.

The goal is to stay for around 5 minutes to warm up your skin and prepare it for the therapies ahead. The sweat chamber, which will be heated to about 50 °C with a humidity level of 100 percent, will be the next phase.

Many individuals prefer humid heat over the dry environment found in saunas because it is less suffocating. However, because water transfers heat more effectively than air, these spaces may seem much hotter! Your body will immediately begin to heat up, your pores will open, and your blood flow will increase.

Exfoliation with black soap
The Eastern promise of black soap is a must-have for each hammam session. It’s suitable for all skin types because it’s made entirely of natural ingredients. When water comes into contact with black soap, it forms a dark slab that does not froth but melts. It significantly nourishes the skin thanks to its high vitamin E content. Black soap prepares the skin for exfoliation and may be used all over the body.

Scrub with loofah

Rinse off the black soap with a loofah to gently cleanse your body. Despite their abrasive appearance, loofahs do not damage the epidermis. On the contrary, they clear pores, soften skin, increase circulation, and aid in producing new cells in our skin. They’re also fantastic for reducing cellulite on our thighs and butts! A masseuse performs a professional loofah scrub at most hammam spas. You’ll notice that your skin is a million times softer after your loofah session.

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