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5 Acne-Prone Skin Care Tips

by Prittle Prattle Bureau

It’s the day before the big event, and you’ve got the perfect outfit, haircut, glowing and healthy skin, but wait, is that a zit? Are you serious?

We’d all had them, those red beacons that calculated and waited for the perfect moment to burst and ruin the big event. Are these breakouts a never-ending ordeal? If so, acne treatment can be complex. However, a proper skincare routine is a way to cure acne. So, the Earth Rhythm team is here to warn you about the five acne-prone skin skincare tips.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Skin: Please keep your hands away from your face! The last thing your acne-prone skin needs is bacteria and dirt from your hands, which can cause further infection. Squeezing your acne or pimple causes skin irritation and breakouts and the risk of scarring. Isn’t he cute?

Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking plenty of water aids in the removal of impurities from your body, including some of the bacteria that cause acne and pimples. Throughout the day, drink water instead of energy drinks or sugary sodas. Also, avoid eating spicy foods because they may raise the pH level of your skin, causing acne to form.

Remove Your Makeup: Always make it a point to remove your makeup before heading to bed. Makeup tempts free radicals found in the environment, and if we leave it on our faces for too long, it can cause collagen to break down. And if you sleep in your makeup, your skin won’t be able to recover from the day’s wear and tear.
Hot water: Hot water should be avoided when washing your face because it can strip the skin’s moisture. Most of us believe that hot water opens up the pores and makes them easier to clean, but in reality, it causes the skin to swell while making the pores appear more open.

Revamp Your Hair Care Routine: Do you have breakouts and acne on your forehead? Your hair products may be the source of your concern. Change up your hair care routine by using enriched, paraben- and fragrance-free products. And if you have oily hair, you should wash it more frequently, keep it clean, and keep it away from your face to help prevent breakouts on the front and forehead.

Product Suggestions for Acne-Prone Skin

Exfoliating Cleanser: This cleanser exfoliates the skin to reveal a healthy complexion. The cleaner, which contains exfoliating agents such as AHA and BHA, gently exfoliates away excess sebum production while providing younger-looking skin and loosening the dulling buildup on your skin’s surface.

Phyto Clear: Your search for an oil-free moisturizer has come to an end! Phyto Clear aids in absorbing moisture into the skin without clogging the pores. It regulates oil production and fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Botanicals like Centella Asiatica help to soothe and hydrate irritated and compromised skin.

Niacinamide works as an ingredient to support the skin barrier while improving moisture, texture, and skin tone. A Niacinamide serum combined with Hyaluronic Acid helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while also keeping the skin moist.

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