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The lengthy colonial rule left India impoverished and underdeveloped.

colonial rule left
Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian leader
colonial rule left population of one billion, an estimated 350-400 million live in poverty.

As a fact, colonial rule left as we are dealing with several significant issues since our independence.

One of them is poverty. Hunger is described colonial rule left as the inability to get the “minimum fundamental needs for a decent human existence,” such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care. Those who have these needs fall below the poverty threshold. Even though various regions of the world are dealing with significant problems, India nevertheless boasts the world’s greatest population of poor people in a single country. Out of a population of one billion, an estimated 350-400 million live in poverty.

Poverty is a widespread issue in our country, and it hurts the country’s growth by creating a vicious loop. A considerable percentage of people do not receive adequate nutrition. As a result, people become physically weak and unable to function effectively. As a result, overall production falls, negatively impacting the country’s economic growth. People remain in poverty because economic growth is impeded.

Poverty appears to be an endless circle. It has been observed that the children of impoverished parents are lacking owing to a lack of adequate nutrition and education. It has also been observed that they inherit a poor attitude. The Hindu caste system in India is also to blame for the country’s current poverty. The upper castes have always taken advantage of the lower castes.

As a result, the poor remain impoverished generation after generation, while the affluent continue to enjoy high levels of living. This is the truth that our country has been dealing with for a long time. Poverty in our society is caused by three major factors: a lack of economic progress, a lack of education and skills, and overpopulation.

Our economy has expanded and developed without a doubt, but it has failed to offer sufficient employment, productivity, and reasonable salaries; our population is growing by the day. This is the underlying purpose of all problems. The rate of economic growth has been hampered as a result. While the number of employees has increased, our population has expanded considerably quicker. It is pretty tough to boost our country’s economy in such a circumstance.

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