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The IKEA group a complex corporate structure

IKEA Europe, with the first outside of Scandinavia opening in Switzerland in 1973, followed by West Germany in 1974.

IKEA is a Swedish multinational company based in the Netherlands that produces and distributes ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home furnishings, and other valuable items and services.

IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture shop since 2008, having been founded in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad. The group’s logo is an acronym made up of the founder’s initials and Elmtaryd, his family’s farm where he was born, and Agunnaryd, his hometown in Samland, southern Sweden.

The company is recognized for its modernist designs for different appliances and furnishings, and its interior design work is frequently linked with an environmentally conscious approach.

The IKEA Group is owned by INGKA Holding B.V. of the Netherlands, responsible for the centers, retail stores, customer fulfillment, and all other services linked to IKEA goods. At the same time, Inter IKEA Systems B.V., located in the Netherlands, and owned by Inter IKEA Holding B.V., owns and manages the IKEA brand. Inter IKEA Holding is more in command of IKEA stock design, production, and distribution. In addition, IKEA Group is a franchisee that pays Inter IKEA Systems 3% of royalties. The IKEA Group and the Inter IKEA Group claim to be unrelated parties for accounting and tax reasons. They are, however, both controlled by the Kamprad family and close friends.

Ingvar Kamprad established IKEA as a mail-order sales company in 1943 and began selling furniture five years later. The first Mobel-IKÉA shop was established in Almhult, Smaland, in 1958. Norway 1963 and Denmark 1964 were the first countries to operate shops outside of Sweden in 1969.  In the 1970s, the stores expanded to other regions of Europe, with the first outside of Scandinavia opening in Switzerland in 1973, followed by West Germany in 1974.
IKEA has begun a foray into the smart home market. One of the first ranges to show this shift was the intelligent TRDFRI IKEA lighting kit. The communications team at IKEA has stated that the innovative home project will be a significant undertaking. They’ve also allied with Philips Hue.  Another brilliant home business idea is wireless charging furniture, which incorporates wireless Qi charging into an ordinary table.

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