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Vanbros Intends to Expand its Manufacturing and Construction Expertise to SouthEast Asia and the Middle East after Building top-notch Properties in India for over 70 years

Vanbros is an artful construction company that brings mesmerizing venues with distinct vintage motifs and parading imperially magnificent spaces and elite experiences to their elevated niche clientele. Their world-class empire was founded by Fauja Singh, who holds a penchant for leading and motivating Vanbros to furnish excellent spaces and build beautiful settings.

Vanbros’ devotion and enthusiasm are ardently evident in its finished portfolio of over 500 remarkable projects. Renowned for its good blueprints, depicting classy heritage in its establishments, Vanbros offers lavish constructions to their clientele, balancing inventiveness and uniqueness. The construction and manufacturing firm provides a wide range of offerings, including private residences and commercial spaces, furnishings, and bespoke interiors.

“At Vanbros, our primary goal is to craft and create the finest quality of residences and spaces, offering top-notch services across the globe while we spread our artistry further.”

Ishwinder Singh Vandal

The brand conveys stories via their designs, which significantly impact many lives, putting them in a class of their own. The construction enterprise has also majorly marked its excellence in the industry by proliferating global trends fused with Indian roots with its vast and immense expertise. Their dedication to ethereal ideas, exquisite architecture, and eye-catching products propels them to the top of the sector in India. It makes them more than eligible to access international luxury markets.

Vanbros rose to significance owing to their fine detailing, brilliant thought-process, and authentic value they add to each project they undertake. With the aid of their vast experience, notably in woodworking, their skilled experts unlatch broad new vistas for their clients. Woodworkers put their heart and spirit into their furniture’s arrangement, composition, and design, including mirrors, table-side cabinets, drawers, closets, dining tables, etc. These specialists ensure that classical, Mid-colonial, Modern, and Imperial themes bleed into their works of art through intricate and delicate carvings. Further added revolutions such as sustainable wooden Lift & Slide and Tilt & Turn windows present broad new perspectives, thus enriching and elevating their clients’ experience.
Their alluring collections also include Turnkey Constructions & Interiors. Providing countless assorted styles, Vanbros ensures there’s something for every customer who turns to them.
Vanbros’ extensive collaborations with overseas architects bring diverse perspectives to the table, ensuring that they receive the highest quality, most distinctive outputs possible. Through partnerships with industry leaders such as BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, the company has contributed to some of the world’s most intriguing structures in its wake. Vanbros’ constant evolution and persuasion of the latest trends and timeless aesthetics adds them to a top-tier of client favorite construction brands.
Heading towards new ambitions, the company plans to spread its manufacturing and construction into the South East Asia & Middle-East market after 70 years of delivering top-notch properties in India. Their expansion into International markets will further polish the existing aristocratic legacy of establishments that flaunt regal livelihoods.

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