Black History Month Enters the Metaverse with Web3 Panel, Powered by Charles Barkley’s Redmont Vodka, Premiering Today

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28, 2022 — Charles Barkley’s Redmont Vodka and Goals Media Group are signaling the involvement of black-owned businesses, musicians, artists, and more in the Metaverse via their upcoming Black History Month panel taking place in Decentraland.

The event, created by Goals Media Group and Metaverse company TerraZero, features a customized 3D venue build of an interactive basketball court. The venue will feature a panel on the future of the Black community in the Web3 space in celebration of Black History Month. Attendees can view the panel on Monday February 28th starting at 2pm PT at the TerraZero Entertainment Center in Decentraland at 44, -40, or jump directly to the location by clicking here on Monday: The panel will be broadcast on a stadium screen in the venue on repeat throughout the day.

The panel features prominent voices and black business owners who are seeking to champion the Web3 space as early adopters and first movers, including Ray J (Raycon Global), Billy Jones (1801 Records), Jarren Small & Douglas Johnson (Reading with a Rapper), Jason Michael Primrose (Lost Children of Andromeda, Amy Johnson (Goals Media Group), Nait Jones (Royal.IO), Derek Ferguson (Vibranium Network), and moderated by Kim Osorio (Display Social).

TerraZero has teamed up with Redmont Vodka by Charles Barkley to create an immersive Metaverse experience for the event in Decentraland–hosting the event on one of their virtual estates and building the event using their in-house studio.

The Web3 space is a fresh start for autonomy, personal empowerment, and a new path to profit for every business across every sector. This has inspired both legacy and rising voices to stand up and open the doors for young entrepreneurs, brands, businesses, and artists to get into the Metaverse and grow their potential.

Redmont was built around and values the continued growth of the African American Community. In the future, technology will be a major part of that growth–which is why Redmont is proud to sponsor this monumental event in the Metaverse. On his founding of Redmont, Charles Barkley stated, “When you think about Alabama, you think about civil rights, you think about Selma, you think about Montgomery. We need Birmingham to be a bright light. It’s important to me and important for the civil rights movement for Birmingham to shine. Alabama is important and we want Redmont to represent Birmingham.”

Goals Media Group, the host of this event, is one of the first movers. Aubrey Flynn, Chairman/CEO of Goals Media Group, the agency for Redmont Vodka, added, “We’ve had the honor of helping over 500 businesses with digital transformation in social, e-commerce and digital ads, now, we are embarking on ways to empower our community with the latest Web3 tools. The Metaverse is the next frontier.”
TerraZero Technologies, Inc., a Metaverse products and services, studio, and advisory company, built the experience for the event with Redmont Vodka and deployed the experience on their virtual real estate. But most important is the sentiment behind the work. Chief Metaverse Officer, Ryan Kieffer, commented, “Amplifying voices in the Metaverse is a core value for our company. Web3 and Metaverse technologies are serving as equalizers where true talent, drive, and dedication to craft will stand out. That’s why we aligned with the Redmont team, Charles Barkley, and our panel to help make this happen.”

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