Zippo Launches New Brand Platform Honoring People Who ‘Live With Confidence’

Zippo goods so that they can do what they want, how they want.

The platform reveals it arrives as Zippo rings in its 90th Anniversary.

To support the brand’s expansion, Zippo Manufacturing Company, the world-renowned creator of the legendary windproof lighter and a growing selection of lifestyle and outdoor items, is launching a new global brand platform, “Live with Confidence.”

Zippo has been producing dependable, tough basics with built-better-than-necessary quality for for 90 years.

The brand’s new positioning reflects its longstanding devotion to great craftsmanship and durability, providing individuals with trust in Zippo goods so that they can do what they want, how they want.

“Live with Confidence” will be brought to life across Zippo’s logo, packaging, and marketing through a series of new films and graphics depicting confident people utilising Zippo goods in everyday to spectacular ways.

Stories include an archer launching burning arrows with her feet, a mixologist using Zippo’s distinctive lighter to light drinks, a gamer utilising Zippo’s hand warmer to keep her fingers relaxed, and even a real-life account of a soldier whose life was saved by a Zippo lighter.

“This new platform illuminates the route to where we’re going while remaining true to where we’ve been, Live With Confidence” is more than a catchphrase. It expresses who we are as a company: made with pride in the United States by people who believe in craftsmanship. It also depicts our clients’ lifestyle preferences.”

said Lucas Johnson, Zippo’s Associate Vice President of Global Marketing.

Ogilvy devised the brand films, which were directed by ROOS and produced by Greenpoint Pictures, with photography by The Wade Brothers.

About Zippo

For 90 years, Zippo has been a source of dependable and long-lasting products, offering its customers the confidence to live their lives their way.

George G. Blaisdell founded the company in 1932, and it first gained global popularity for its characteristic windproof lighter, which is currently made in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The device keeps its basic form and functioning, with the exception of changes to the flint wheel and an ever-increasing range of styles and finishes, and is guaranteed by the company’s famed Zippo guarantee.

“It works, or we fix it free.TM” Lighters, butane, electric lighter inserts, rechargeable candle lighters, utility lighters, eyeglasses, leather goods, and a broad variety of heat and flame accessories for outdoor enthusiasts comprise Zippo’s diverse product line today.
Zippo is sold in over 180 countries and is the parent company of Bradford-based W.R. Case and Sons Cutlery Company, an American manufacturer of premium pocket knives and fixed blade designs, as well as Wellsville, New York-based Northern Lights Candles, a leading designer of luxury candles and artisan accessories.
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