Yash Pakka Limited announces mega expansion under Program Jagriti

With this development, the brand aims to ramp up its production capacity to provide consumers with a sustainable packaging option.

With rising consumer awareness of the environmental impact of plastic packaging, the demand for sustainable packaging materials has also increased. With the aim to provide environment-friendly products to its customers, Yash Pakka Limited, the pioneer of compostable packaging in India, has announced the installation of its 4th paper machine as a part of Program Jagriti, which will enable niche specialty paper from the state-of-the-art machine. This new addition will also boost plant production capacity by 100 MT, enabling the brand to cater to customers’ demands and get special grades of paper available domestically for the first time.

With this significant advancement, the brand also intends to pique the interest of existing and prospective investors. Furthermore, to strengthen its sustainability initiatives and improve the capabilities of its facilities in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Yash Pakka Limited is launching an integrated brownfield expansion project in collaboration with AFRY. The strategic partnership will significantly help the brand to increase the support infrastructure in line with the increased output of Pulp and Paper machines.

  • Additional highlights of the Program Jagriti
  • Specialty paper machine of 100MT per day for solutions including flexible packaging with furnish by optimizing the strength of agro-residue bagasse.
  • 100% biofuel-powered 10MW Cogen plant
  • Pulp capacity enhancement by augmentation of Pulp Mill by another 75% (Environment-friendly pulp backed by enhancing the equivalent capacity of Recovery Island).
  • Support infrastructure in line with increased output of pulp and paper machines.

“The demand for compostable packaging has been more than the supply with rising consumer awareness. At Yash Pakka Limited, we have taken the onus of meeting this growing need through meaningful and ample solutions. With our new 100 MT paper machine, we are concentrating on offering better packaging solutions to our customers. Additionally, the state-of-the-art paper machine will give customers access to a wider range of domestically made niche specialty papers.

Jagdeep Hira, Business Head – Yash Pakka Limited,

Hira continued, “Our Program Jagriti will provide the impetus boost to our mission of manufacturing innovative packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and contribute towards making Bharat a better place to live. Also, at Yash Pakka Limited, our vision is to transform the world by offering quality packaging solutions. We place a strong emphasis on the accumulation of knowledge and experience for environmental protection in the course of production.”

Yash Pakka Limited has already begun the groundwork for its expansion Program Jagriti post awarding the contract for conducting a Basic Engineering study for the integrated brownfield expansion project at its Ayodhya facility to AFRY. The primary aim of the Integrated Brownfield Expansion Project is to upgrade the legacy systems to integrate with other higher-end systems using well-known protocols and standards. Hence, the Basic Engineering study is a crucial step toward achieving the goal.

About Yash Pakka:
Yash Pakka Limited, founded in 1981 by KK Jhunjhunwala as Yash Papers Limited, is one of the pioneers in the Indian sustainable packaging industry. In these 40 years, the company has transformed from a paper manufacturer to a sustainable packaging solutions provider. The over 450-member company works towards building a plastic-free future through its holistic approach. Yash Pakka Limited has a strong business presence across 43 countries and aims to double its production capacity by 2024. It has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Environmentally Sustainable Companies’ by B-Corp, a reputed international organization.

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