Woods At Sasan Presents “The Woods Night Out”

Woods At Sasan offers a Destination First strategy that brings the world of Sasan Gir to life.

Immerse in the exquisite wilderness experience of the majestic Sasan Gir Forest, Gujrat with the first-ever experience of forest life after dark

As the moonlight filters through the leaves, creating shadows full of mystery and adding a different texture and depth from daytime, the majestic Sasan Gir offers an incredible canvas to explore the thrill of the thick flora and fauna.

Experience the pull of adventure, and beauty, abuzz with the chirp and roar of life as Woods At Sasan, a modern retreat in Sasan Gir Forest, presents “The Woods Night Out”, the first-ever immersive night-time experience within the Sasan Gir Forest.

Soaking up the night sky and deep diving into the native habitat, “The Woods Night Out” is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that explores that which is lurking in the deep pools of shadows & lights and immerse in the history and beauty of the majestic Sasan Gir Forest.

This experience includes, among others, an hour-long gypsy ride as you explore the areas of wooded jungle and local settlements.

It offers guests the unique experience of forest life after dark and a rare opportunity to spot elusive nocturnal animals with night-vision binoculars. At the same time, the naturalists share in-depth stories of the forest.

Explore the thrill of the forest as the all-pervading quiet reveals the different soundscapes of the night-time forest – the rustle of the bushes, the hoot of an owl, or the roar of a lion in the distance.

As the night transcends with this one-of-a-kind experience, indulge in the local delicacies of Sasan Gir.

With the pursuit of enabling destinations and creating sustainable built environments, Woods At Sasan, the flagship retreat by 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts, curates meaningful explorations, with well-being as the undercurrent, fuelled with the passion of coexisting with the jungle and its habitat.

About Woods At Sasan

A modern retreat inside the Sasan Gir forest in Gujarat, Woods At Sasan by 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts is a biophilic paradise set among 16 acres of mango orchard and lush forest.

Our retreat offers best-in-class well-being programming through a slow, sustainable, nature-immersed lifestyle.
Our retreat is a blend of pared-down and eco-conscious architecture designed to enhance interaction with nature and encourage self-exploration in a tranquil and serene atmosphere.
Pathways – curated wellbeing experiences guided by expert practitioners – draw on ancient Eastern knowledge systems and incorporate the practises of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, sattvic nutrition, and nature expeditions and experiences with a focus on optimising natural energies and harmonising the physical and spiritual selves.
We have developed a sustainable hospitality system based on observation, active participation, learning, implementation, and design.
Woods At Sasan offers a Destination First strategy that brings the world of Sasan Gir to life, with Nature and Birding walks as well as cultural and culinary immersions.
1000 Island Hotels & Resorts is a forward-thinking and creative hub where architects retreat that enables joy, well-being, and thoughtfulness.
We design hospitality with meaning and hope-inspiring, meaningful choices, living environments, and a positive lifestyle.
With a pursuit of enabling destinations, 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts creates sustainable built environments and inclusive experiences to influence people all around us across varied contexts. Fuelled by a passion for serving, our endeavour is a way of life.
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