Why is Palghar Collector so inhumane and merciless to the underprivileged in Palghar?

The authentic objective of the division of Palghar district was to take measures on “health, education, malnutrition, water, women empowerment, unemployment” of the poor tribal people in remote tribal areas. But when many women reached to meet him from Mokhada, Talasari, and Jawhar, the Collector conveyed that he was out. After constant follow-ups, he replied to the letter and provided a meeting time after a month. The time the Palghar Collector Govind Bodke scheduled to the women was on 17th April 2023, 6 PM. Can women come overnight when the village of Mokhada, Talasari, Jawhar is in dire condition for transportation with minimum public transport support? What exactly does this Collector want to suggest by offering this time to women?

Hearing this entire situation from the team of women, Smt. Hemangi Patil, Chief Women Empowerment Palghar Division, Jijau Educational, and Social Sanstha, Maharashtra, informed the case to Smt. Droupadi Murmu, President of India, and Shri Ramesh Bais, Governor of Maharashtra, through a letter.

It is a severe matter that the authority has handed over to the Palghar district to an addict and mentally challenged Collector. Due to instances like these, the tribal people, already stuck in the excavation of numerous difficulties like poverty, infant mortality, accidental female death, malnutrition, female oppression, and unemployment, are facing dreadful belief issues that no one to rescue them.

Smt Hemangi also attached a copy of the attested proof of the district collector under the influence of alcohol. After looking at the terrifying circumstances of three children demises every day and one pregnant mother dying every 15 days, the Collector still avoids taking charge of his responsibilities and doesn’t even take the meetings seriously.
Jijau Sanstha has been providing education, health, employment, and agriculture through self-earning for the past 14 years without taking any donations. Women Empowerment, the De-addiction center, is working on these topics. Two medical camps are conducted daily through the Jijau Institute; Jijau has a well-equipped hospital providing free treatment. Palghar district has 8 CBSE schools for education. There are 43 competitive examination libraries, and various activities on employment, agriculture, and women empowerment are run by the organization free of cost.
The Jijau Sanstha had also called a fast to death a few days ago for the related issues raised, and this fast declared the extinction till every member of the Sanstha risked his life for the people of Palghar. The Collector was not even aware of this. Therefore, it is clear that this deranged Collector is replying to the letters on serious issues that came to the office under the influence of intoxication. Consequently, Jijau Team humbly requests the Collector to an excellent de-addiction center and a psychiatric hospital at government expense. Also, Palghar Collector Govind Bodke, who has always been controversial, has spent more than 20 years in areas like Thane-Kalyan, and Bhiwandi Palghar, so after treatment, he should be transferred to remote tribal areas like Gadchiroli, Chandrapur so that he gets to know the problems in remote tribal regions.
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