Why is it important for businesses to have an Augmented Reality (AR) Strategy

As per recent data, there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality user devices worldwide by 2024, surpassing the 1.1 billion figure from 2022.

As per recent data, there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile augmented reality user devices
worldwide by 2024, surpassing the 1.1 billion figure from 2022.

Here are a few more quick stats to look at –
5% of Augmented Reality (AR) use will be in retails by 2022. 67% of advertising agencies say that they are making more users of AR. 70% of people aged between 16 and 40 are aware of AR technology.

With the above-mentioned statistics, we can clearly see the growth of Augmented Reality (AR)technology and the rate at which it is becoming more and more adaptable for the masses. It can be considered as one the biggest breakthroughs in the world of technology and has ample offerings to provide its users with.

Tech giants from around the world are outreaching their potential to make this incredible technology mainstream and widely adaptable. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that AR does indeed provide a strong pillar to a lot of other technologies to prosper and reach their full
In this article, we will tell you about the following:

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Example of Augmented Reality (AR)

Why is Augmented Reality (AR) important for businesses

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Typically, Augmented Reality is when a digital overlay of information is integrated into the real-world environment in real time. It holds the potential to visually change the user’s environment and blends
digital 3-dimensional components and elements with the user’s perception of real-world scenarios.

Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which projects to create completely virtual environments where the user is present, Artificial Intelligence (AR) stimulates an artificial environment in the user’s real world
This technology builds computer-generated layers of digital information in the form of images, sound, graphics, sensory stimuli, or text into the circumference of the physical and real-world
environments to allow the user to experience a 3-dimensional environment in their real-world environment. It adds more life-like interactions in the user’s real environment.

Few examples of Augmented Reality (AR)

Ikea Mobile App:

Ikea has made a mobile application for its online store. With the help of AR, they are
now able to help their audience select furniture and other decor items by placing their
An electronic device in the space and seeing 3D demonstrations of how the furniture/décor item will actually look in the environment. Shoppers can now virtually place tables, chairs, couches, etc., in their apartment or office space to get a better idea of how the product will look in the area defined. They leveraged AR to be able to cater to their customers better, and the audience really appreciated this technologically advanced feature.

Pokemon Go App:

This global phenomenon became one the most popular game amongst people from all
Around the world because it gave people an experience they have never had before. It had 65 million users at the peak of its popularity. It allows users to wander around in their neighborhood and find exotic animals and creatures which were overlayed in real-world scenarios.

L’Oréal Make-up App:

This mega make-up company launched their app where users can try and test make on themselves with the help of AR. It lets users try on different types of make-up, like lipstick, foundation, kajal, etc., on their faces in real-time and then make their choice of purchase accordingly. This resulted in happy customers as people bought exactly what suited their skin tone and face.

Why is Augmented Reality (AR) important for businesses?
Augmented Reality (AR) is for businesses that want to stay ahead in the technology league and give their audience new age 3D experience. It allows businesses to interact with their audience like never before, and leveraging the power of AR is proving to be beneficial for businesses around the world. Below mentioned are the top 4 reasons why businesses should have an AR strategy in place to succeed in their field:

Create unique customer experiences
AR allows businesses to interact and engage with their audience in a more real and
innovate way as it allows businesses to reach out to their audience in a 3 dimensional
virtual environment.
It helps create unique digital experiences that blends the digital and physical world, it
helps blend both realities. It is a one-of-a-kind experience for people.

Increases customer engagement
Because it is such a unique experience, users like to spend more time with it and explore
everything that it has to offer. Augmented Reality (AR) is considered to be one of the
most engaging technology, and people have been spending more time on AR-driven
platforms as compared to others. However, the availability of AR-driven platforms is scarce, but their ability to attract users to spend time on it is nonetheless great and remarkable.
Competitive advantage
Businesses that leverage the power of AR in their customer experience are said to be
ahead in the league as compared to those who don’t. it is imperative for businesses to
stay technologically advanced and equipped to be able to serve their customers better,
and AR is indeed one of the best cutting edge technology that differentiates successful
businesses from the not-so-successful ones.
People are quick to observe the quality of service businesses offer, and adding
Augmented Reality (AR) technology to the squad is considered to be one of the best ideas
by industry experts.
Reduces cognitive load for users
Any technology that businesses use for their audience is meant to simplify and enhance
the overall engagement they have with the business, and AR is no different. Augmented
Reality helps reduce the cognitive load for the customers by presenting to them all the
information in a simple and digestible manner.
It makes information processing easier for the audience, which in turn simplifies the
entire decision-making journey for them.
In conclusion..
Augmented Reality aka AR is a phenomenon new age technology that helps businesses
reach out to their customers in a better, more efficient, and simple manner, and helps
increase the likeability and engagement ratio for the brand. All businesses must adopt
this technology in order to stay ahead in the league and be able to serve their customers
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