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WEB Promotz bags another prominent client from the Florida realty sector

Mumbai-based digital marketing agency, WEB Promotz, works for companies from a variety of sectors.

By Hemant Anjara

Mumbai-based digital marketing agency, WEB Promotz , works for companies from a variety of sectors.

WEB Promotz started offering SEO services in Mumbai a decade ago. The team consists of experienced digital marketing professionals, content specialists, and web designers. The agency is providing SEO services in Florida (the US) for the last five years. The team managed to impress its real estate sector client by increasing the website traffic by as much as 200 percent within the mutually agreed time frame. 

“The practice started as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a decade ago has now turned into Digital Marketing. The goal is not link-building anymore; there are different elements of on-page and off-page SEO that need to be focused on equally. Digital marketing campaigns help offer better customer experience, improve relationships with target audiences, increase domain authority, drive traffic, and increase conversions with loyal customers. Modern-day SEO practices help in improving website rankings, visibility in the most organic way possible. Better rankings in search engines result in an increased amount of traffic. Creating a better visitor experience is also crucial. We work with our esteemed clients to ensure the content on the website always remains updated and engaging. We ensure the use of a well-researched and carefully chosen list of keywords in the content. WEB Promotz is one of the very few firms that offer to take care of image and voice search rankings and basic SEO services in India. We offer digital marketing services to clients from real estate, retail, entertainment, e-commerce, home décor, and the food and beverage sector,” said WEB Promotz co-founder, Kishor Anjara, to Prittle Prattle News by sharing a Press Release. The company is once again in the limelight as it has managed to get a digital marketing contract from another Florida based renowned real estate dealer. The Mumbai-based firm has not disclosed the name of the client due to their non-disclosure agreement.

“People use mobile devices to access search engines and perform searches for local businesses. Thus, the importance of local SEO has increased ever than before. We help clients setting directory listings and creating location-specific pages on the website. Our experts ensure the site’s content has local keywords and ensures the firm has a business listing on Google Maps. The team has considerable experience in managing display ads, Google shopping ads, pay-per-click, social media ads, Google AdWords, and native ads,” said Kishor during a recently held teleconference. 

No matter if you are a local physical brick and mortar store owner or operate an e-commerce website with national and international operations, WEB Promotz can take care of all your digital marketing needs. You can call them to discuss and design the best possible digital campaign strategy for improving your business. 

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