Vinod Cookware Adds Excitement to The Festive Season

All these new products are now available on the brand’s website and Amazon.

Vinod Cookware. The cookware brand announces the launch of India’s First Nutrition Retention Pressure Cooker and 6 other kitchenware products to begin the celebration ahead of the festive season.

October rings in the festive season, and with it comes the joy of preparing and consuming signature festive delicacies. Every region in India celebrates its version of the festival with its own unique preparations.

This year’s festive season is enriched further with Vinod Cookware, one of India’s leading cookware brands, launching seven new products.

These products are excellent for healthy cooking since they are made of premium SAS metal technology with hygienic high-grade stainless steel.

The celebration’s highlight is India’s first nutrition retention pressure cooker: Vinod Nutrimax Pressure Cooker, which comes with Maximum Nutrient Retention Technology (MNRT), enabling oil-free faster cooking.

The brand has also rolled out a great introductory discount offer for the new pressure cooker. Constructed with premium SAS metal and single whistle technology, Vinod’s Nutrimax pressure cooker consists of critical features such as a smart lock, pressure selector, and three safety features.

To continue the month-long festive celebrations, Vinod Cookware brings in 6 more products, namely; Durban Stainless Steel Kadai, Durban Stainless Steel Handi, Veneto Stainless Steel 2 pc. & 3pc.

Cookware Sets, Flash Water Bottles, Zest Wok, and Hanos New Induction-friendly Wok. With amazing Gas and Induction compatibility and even heat distribution features, the Kadais, Handi, and Veneto sets are proven healthy and hygienic, especially for Indian cooking.

All these new products are now available on the brand’s website and Amazon.

“Festivals are a glorious heritage of Indian culture and traditions. Most of them rejoiced with special feasts that bring people together. We introduced this new range to add to the festive celebrations by innovating and improving products based on market feedback. All of these products have enhancements in terms of durability and ergonomics, making them a perfect fit for our customer’s adapting needs. With the league of continuous festivals celebrated round the clock, we intend to elevate happiness by providing a new range of products at affordable prices.”

Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware, said,

About Vinod Cookware:

Rajeram Agarwal co-founded Vinod Intelligent Cookware, a leading producer of top quality stainless steel cookware, in 1962. It offers almost 400 different goods.

The business, which began as a local manufacturer of stainless-steel bowls and dishes, went worldwide in 1990 when it started exporting to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and France, among other countries.
e4m Pride of India just awarded the brand The Best of Bharat Award 2022. Mishry Reviews, a firm that has reviewed over 2000+ products in the Cooking and Dining market, has also named it the finest Non-Stick Dosa Tawa brand.
Vinod Cookware is dedicated to using cutting-edge technology and materials appropriate for the Indian kitchen.
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