Vaaree: A curated marketplace shipped over 50,000 home products in less than a year

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Garima Luthra, Co-Founder of Vaaree

Vaaree was founded in 2022 by the very energetic, driven, and ambitious Garima Luthra (BTech from
Punjab University). Before starting her venture, she worked with top-tier start-ups like CRED and Acko,
driving revenue and growth by leveraging technology and operations. When looking for
products for her own home, she found the online experiences broken and pleasing aesthetics being
overpriced. In pursuit of a solution to these challenges, Vaaree was born – to provide aesthetically
pleasing home decor at reasonable prices.

Please tell us a little about Vaaree and your entrepreneurial journey.

Vaaree is the only curated marketplace for home products. We have shipped over 50,000 products in less than 12 months. We have more than 3,100 verified reviews with an avg rating of 4.5. Vaaree’s operations started on 30th April 2022. We invest our resources only in what is important to you and minimize costs like packaging, advertising, and other extras that don’t add value. This helps us keep our costs low and list products that deliver more value for your price. Expect a little more every time you buy a¬† product on Vaaree. Our journey has been quite exciting. We are learning every day, working alongside a fantastic team. Every day has been unique and dedicated to ensuring that Vaaree makes the homes cuter!

Vaaree’s expansion plan for FY 23-24.

We are a strong team of 29 and looking to double this year. The team will be built across functions – Sourcing, Tech, Product, and Marketing.

How is Vaaree able to produce a new design every day?

Our curators work around the clock to ensure we have all the globally trending designs listed on Vaaree directly from the manufacturers. New designs are going live on the platform every day. We only keep relevant methods for our customers. Today, Vaaree has over 10K products at a great price point – “Quality at honest cost” is the motto for the sourcing team! All our deliveries happen in 5-7 days.

Process done by Vaaree to do best-in class quality check while sourcing their products.

Vaaree is the only curated marketplace for everything home ūüôā We have a 32 + step Quality Check and Control process to onboard the manufacturer/trader on the platform. The quality control team also does monthly surprise checks to ensure that the products are of the quality we promised the customers. Every unit at Vaaree works hard to provide our customers with the best experience and outcomes.

Being an F2C platform, how does it efficiently eliminate the intermediaries and offer the best price for the consumer?

Vaaree is India’s only curated F2C (Factory to Customer) platform. We work with manufacturers who make products for the premium and luxury markets nationally and internationally. By working with them directly, we can get luxury products at the correct customer value. We all want beautiful homes and aspire to have great products. This was otherwise only possible with premium brands. But now, with Vaaree, we ensure excellent quality at honest prices by sourcing directly from the manufacturers. The platform started with products in the bedroom and living room categories and now offers products in the kitchen, dining, and home d√©cor categories.

How does Vaaree use technology to understand customer needs and demands?
From scanning for global and domestic demand trends to AI-powered recommendations for existing customers – technology is core to our understanding of consumers. From curation to post-purchase customer experience, we leverage technology every step of the way.
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