Under 25 Universe launches the largest student network drive on Web 3.0 to pioneer Decentralized Education (deEd) in India

Under 25 Universe is a product that invites students from around the world to be a part of a Web 3-enabled digital student community capable of facilitating holistic education beyond books, classrooms, and institutions.

Promulgates Decentralized Education and the need to build a network of Independent Thought Leaders, students who are recognized and celebrated for the skills they possess.

Degrees and Qualification Certificates will exist in the Under 25 Universe as Soul Bound Tokens (NFTs)

With a vision to transform the student digital economy and a mission to connect students across the world, Under 25 is making its way, rather disruptively, into the education industry with the launch of ‘Under 25 Universe’.

The Under 25 community has evolved into India’s Largest Student Network, and founders Shreyans Jain and Anto Philip have culminated their decade-long journey into the creation of India’s first student-focused Decentralized Education (deEd) product and platform, focused on bringing more value to the student and solving problems they face.

India is on the brink of an uprising where students form the power center, and Under 25 is helping them belong, learn, grow, experience, and unlock. Under 25 believes that deEd education holds the capacity to reshape learning and the Global Economy and that with a single yet significant decision of stepping out of the comfort zone and embracing discomfort in order to learn and grow, students hold power to transform the world. The Under 25 Universe exists to harness this power.

Talking about the relentless pursuit of building a new-age education system brick by brick, Anto Philip, CEO, and Co-Founder, of Under 25, said, “Over the years, it has become evident that the current education system is designed to teach, enable and validate specialized knowledge in various domains. However, it is also true that there is no acknowledgment & validation for a distinct character & personality in a student. Through a variety of experiences, beliefs, and independent thought, every human is unique and dynamic.At Under 25, we want to unleash the desire for learning, facilitate the drive to discover, and tap the ability to grasp and comprehend in a way an individual wants to or has the potential to. And that need not necessarily be in accordance with society. We don’t believe in the age-old saying “one size fits all .”Why must it? Why can we not foster an individual’s unique capabilities and allow them the freedom to learn and grow in the way they like? Students should grow holistically, not just intellectually or academically, and that is why decentralized education or deEd is the way to go.”

The Under 25 Universe is a learning-technology company that aims to make holistic learning easier and more accessible for everybody by bringing it to the next level – decentralized education (DeEd) via the blockchain. Instead of learning from one college or doing one course, the platform’s decentralized education focus will allow a student to choose from skills that will be valuable across any “Professional Role” and thereby increase their opportunities for access, culture, and self-discovery.

The platform/product will thus strengthen and empower India’s education network by building an established community on the blockchain to facilitate decentralized education and enable students to turn pros with the help of a revolutionary, cutting-edge methodology of learning, growth, and development. Its vision pushes beyond the reigns of traditional education and defines matter as the core of what they do with an absolutist focus on holistic education itself instead of the medium of education. To be onboarded on the Under 25 Universe, a student will need to use the Under 25 app as their first point of entry into Web 3.0.

“We believe that the world stands on the cusp of colossal change and that young people of the present deserve a different framework, a framework that celebrates their comprehensive growth and not the professional role they wish to play. Under 25 endorses and works towards the goal of creating independent thought leaders through an education process that is not bound by books, curriculums, and classrooms. As a matter of fact, greater learning happens beyond the doors of the classroom, and Under 25 has essentially set out to enable this learning with the student at the core.” explains Shreyans Jain, Co-Founder, Under 25.

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