Har Ghar Tiranga: Indic cs & Zapurza Museum of Art & Culture to uplift Indian Artisans by exhibiting the Khadi Tiranga

Celebrating the 75th Independence Day, this endeavor supports artisans and weavers of India by exhibiting their handloom products 

Indic Inspirations, a Cultural Startup, and Zapurza Museum of Art and Culture are facilitating the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign to help the citzens of Pune be a part of the world record of hosting 20 Cr flags during the 75th Independence Day of India. Products around the Indian Flag, the Constitution of India, and Symbols of Modern India will be exhibited at the Museum Premises from August 5 to August 15, 2022, for Pune’s citizens.

Director of Zapurza Museum, Ajit Gadgil, said, “We are happy to support the Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign and bring to Pune’s citizens the work of India’s Handloom Weavers who make India’s Khadi Flags and the Art in India’s Constitution. The constitution was itself a work of art – in addition to being a founding legal document. Nandalal Bose and his 40 students illustrated the constitution document with paintings of many facets of Indian Mythology and History. And the document was hand calligraphed by Rash Behari Bose.”

Celebrating the 75th Independence Day, this endeavor supports artisans and weavers of India by exhibiting their handloom products. Pune’s citizens can proudly hoist, wear, display, and be inspired every day by India’s flag and other symbols of Modern India. The products include – 75 Indic Inspirations Rolodex, Khadi Flags, Polyester Flags, Flag Fridge Magnets, India Flag Caps, Flag Lapel Pins, Flag Frames, Preamble of the Constitution, Fundamental Duties, Fundamental Rights, Citizen’s Pledge, Symbols of India Frames and many more.

Founder and CEO of Indic Inspirations, Sunil Jalihal, says, “We started the INDIA | The Republic collection to showcase symbols of Modern India a year ago. It includes framed Khadi Flags from Khadi Gramudyog, which has been the only authorized Khadi Indian Flag maker for 75 years. Along with this, the collection has elements of India’s Constitution that are printed on “Constitution Paper” from Pune’s Handmade Paper Institute, which was set up by K B Joshi in 1940 with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi. Symbols of Modern India have been framed for citizens to proudly display in their homes and offices.”

Indic Inspirations – A Culture Start-up that narrates stories of India’s Traditions, Culture, Heritage & Achievements – via Indic Objects rendered through India’s Arts & Crafts and Artisanal Engineering. The company has developed 40+ collections of Collectibles, Souvenirs, and Merchandise, including the Shunya Collection, Indian Dance, Yoga Tools, India The Republic, and many more.
Zabuza Museum of Art & Culture – Based in Pune, it is an initiative of P N Gadgil & Sons. A creativity hub that brings together the best of art, objects, and cultural resources in the form of museums, show galleries, creative workshops, and cultural activities in Pune. A destination to discover yourself through art & culture!

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