Tiger India Private Limited Expands its Footprint in India

Tiger India Private Limited (TIPL), a subsidiary of one of the pioneers in vacuum insulation technology in Japan, Tiger Corporation, will be expanding its presence in India by launching four new vacuum insulated bottles in their thermal product line in May 2022.

TIPL, headquartered out of Gurgaon has had sales through retailers and EC platforms nationwide in India since 2015.

Tiger India Private Limited introduces four new products for Indian market

“Our mission is to spread vacuum insulated bottles in India. We will not only make lives more convenient in India, but also contribute to the continuous maintenance of the environment in India by reducing plastic containers and PET bottles. At this time, the four products have been developed with high reliability and originality, and we believe they will meet your expectations.”

Mr. Masafumi Yamamoto, Tiger India representative, said,

“MTA-A”, a vacuum insulated carbonated bottle in response to the voice of the customers who want to carry carbonated drinks for everyday drinks while keeping them cold.

Uses our unique “Bubble Logic” structure for carbonated drinks, which is equipped with a “depressurization cap” and a “safety valve”, making it possible to safely carry carbonated drinks.

Since the inner surface of the bottle is treated with our original processing “Super Clean Plus”, there is less unevenness on the inner surface of the bottle, and the vaporization of carbonic acid is suppressed compared to the one without processing.

For those who drink carbonated water for a refreshing feeling and refreshment during work and meals, and those who drink carbonated drinks in outdoor activity scenes, you can carry fresh carbonated drinks cold and enjoy them until the end.

“MCS-A”, which is a cold insulation bottle that uses a stainless straw for the drinking spout, in response to the spread of de-plastic straws in India where the momentum for non-plastic straws is increasing.

The “loop lid” is designed to be easy to open with one hand, so you can actively carry it with you when you buy and drink at a cafe or drink server.

Tiger India Stainless steel straws do not leave stains or odours and are highly durable, so they can be used hygienically for a long time.

“MEA-A/B” is designed based on the idea that contributing to the continuous maintenance of the global environment by reducing plastic containers and PET bottles, will provide simple, high-quality, and affordable vacuum insulated bottles to more people, especially the younger generation.

“MCT-A” design is a collaboration with the up-and-coming illustrator “Kameichido” who is active based in Kyoto, Japan, and the bottle is painted with cute animals such as rabbits and penguins, which are popular with children and young ladies.
With a cute design and high functionality that makes you want to carry it all the time, daily hydration is what we will propose to make it more enjoyable.
Tiger brand vacuum insulated bottles are manufactured with consideration for human rights, environment, and health under the four pledges of “NO / Conflict Minerals”, “NO / Fluorine”, “YES / Our Own Factories”, and “NO / Plastic Waste”.
We will further expand the possibilities of vacuum-insulated bottles by enjoying drinks that keep their coldness and deliciousness on the go and in outdoor scenes while considering the environment. Please access the URL of our website below for product details.
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