Streax Professional introduces ‘Mercurial’, a collection that combines old-world beauty

The collection is a reflection of the exuberance of transformations, strongly rooted in modern influences of today.’

On Sunday night, Streax Professional debuted the collection in a big fashion event in Mumbai, with actress Mouni Roy as the showstopper.

Streax Professional, the professional hair care, colour, and style product range designed specifically for salon professionals and hairdressers, unveiled its latest collection, Mercurial, during a fashion event in Mumbai yesterday.

As the collection’s showstopper, actress Mouni Roy demonstrated supremacy and injected zest to the runway in her Mercurial style.

Mercurial is about moving from a colorful vivid, intense hair color with overdramatized flair, full clothing fashion with Today’s modern inspirations have been incorporated into a very subtle monochromatic classy natural hairstyle with layer upon layer of organic material.

Based on cuts, graphic lines, and blocked colours, we observe a higher influence of softer, cleaner organic shapes with less substance.

The regional folklore/ethnicity and culture influences provide a much more textured, softer pastel tones of colour and curly sensation of hair, as well as a more carefree attitude hairstyles, including ribbons in updos and stylings

The collection comprises three components:

SUPERCHARGED, a departure into the contrasts of impulsiveness, harmony, boldness, and austerity. It gives rise to a feeling of bold escapism into the extremes.

NATURAL ME, ‘Softness meets rawness’ is the principle behind the theme. Tonal-layered looks are given depth through chunky knits, while conventional brightness and lightness meet monochromatic colour, defining its classy, contemporary style.

OTHERWHERE takes you to a place of longing, the otherworld. It is about folklore, coupled with characteristics of freedom and self-determination.

“Classic can never go out of vogue, and in a modern world of trends, we as a brand enjoy customizing different styles and looks for our contemporary customers. With the Mercurial collection, we have tried to showcase three distinct head-turning styles and looks, representing the transformation from vivid, overdramatized to monochrome to folklore hairdos and prints. We are happy to present our newest collection, which promises to blend old-world charm with modern style for fashion enthusiasts.”

Mrs. Rochelle Chhabra, Head – Professional Division (Streax Professional), Hygienic Research Institute, said,
The collection was inspired and created by the famed Abhishek Sharma, a personalised fashion designer known for his ability to combine the contemporary and the classic.
Mouni Roy stole the event as the showstopper, wearing a handmade Ivory gown designed by Abhishek Sharma and sporting a haircut with Caramel brown hair colour and honey brown accents.
The event also included a fantastic line-up of the fashion-forward collection, with models looking their best in colour, designs, and textures.
Streax Professional also announces the winners of the Streax Professional Times India Hairstyle Icon 2022 competition, which is aimed to honour professionals in the fields of cut, colour, and style, Amit Tonk from the North-East zone is named India’s first Hair Style Icon 2022.
He was well-liked for the look he established, which was a mix of artistic and commercial, with unique colours like groovy pink and crazy violet. Amit won INR 5 lakhs and a trip to Paris Fashion Week in 2023.
He also received an annual contract with Streax Professional, as well as portfolio coverage in The Times of India, Femina, and Grazia.
Bhaskar Jyoti Saikia, the first runner-up from the North-East zone, used quirky green tones to produce an irregular cut portraying life’s joys and faults.
His appearance was commercial, with touches of wild violet at the tips. He received INR 2.5 lakhs in cash, while the second runner-up, Karan Shetty from the North zone, received INR 1.5 lakhs. The remaining eight finalists also received a cash prize of INR 50,000 each.
The competition was created to find the finest hairdressing talent, with tasks devised by industry professionals and international famous stylists such as Savio John Pereira, Joakim Roos, and Yolly Ten Koppel, as well as technical specialists from Streax Professional.

About Streax Professional

Streax Professional is an intelligent choice for smart Indian stylists and consumers.Hygienic Research Institute established Streax Professional, a brand commonly linked with elegance and luxury in the salon industry, in 2004.
Streax Professional is the frontrunner in the professional market with the largest distribution network, launching novel products with well-researched formulations that are specifically suited to Indian hair types.
Streax Professional Hair Colorant Range (Colour, Developer, and Ultralights) is expanding and has partnerships with over 25,000 salons in India and throughout the world.

About Hygienic Research Institute

Hygienic Research Institute (HRI), founded in 1957, is one of India’s fastest-growing cosmetic enterprises. HRI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm that implements cutting-edge innovations and personal care solutions.
Every HRI beauty product has been created with the help of traditional Ayurvedic sciences and modern technology to provide the best to the user.
All items are made, tested, and authorised by quality assurance in accordance with Indian BIS criteria and meet the severe international standards of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Streax, a hair colour brand, is trusted and used by 17 lakh consumers in India each month and is offered in three lakh locations.
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