Shiva cycles, a brand shop of Firefox and Hero cycles with a vision to go international

Shiva cycle is developing in the market like a newborn. We have a vision and a goal to promote it in the global market in the future.

Priyanka Guin, please elaborate on your journey as the Founder of Shiva Cycle.

Bicycles can help us move through the pandemic—and toward a better future, As the coronavirus
pandemic (COVID-19) is keeping most commuters away from public transport, cycling has quickly
emerged as a safe and convenient alternative.
This bicycle boom is rooted in common sense: it is much easier to comply with social distancing
guidelines when you’re riding a bike out in the open than in an enclosed and potentially crowded
space such as a bus or a train.
The result? Bicycle sales are soaring.
According to current estimates, there are over 1 billion bicycles, and over 50% of the global
population knows how to ride them. Every second, four bikes are produced and, every two seconds,
someone buys one. Taking this massive global fleet of bicycles out onto city streets could bring
significant benefits to people and the planet.
With this vision in mind, we started with Shiva cycles.

Tell us about Shiva Cycle strategies for expansion and growth
The process of expanding a business involves careful planning, business analysis, and the use of
financial resources, we are concentrating on new product development. Thereby Increasing
customer base. Trying to Increase brand awareness internationally. Working out on various Market
penetration Strategy like Marketing and promotion. Planning for Expansion into a new market and
thus expanding the business abroad.

What is the speciality of the Shiva Cycle, and what do you do to engage people?
We try to create great customer experiences by using push notifications and taking advantage of
conversational marketing. We focus on retention and sharpening social media marketing.
We are trying to capture hearts and mind with videos, CSR activities, regular rides with our cyclists

What is your take after promoting Shiva Cycle in the international market? 
Shiva cycle is like a baby growing in the market. We have our vision and mission to promote it in the
international market in future. We are still working on that and hopefully very soon we will be
launching that in international market.

What steps/measures do you take to acquire the trust of the market?

 Building trust doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We remain consistent in our messaging, understand our
buyer personas, and deliver on our promises over time. We are 100%accessible. We deal with a
reliable brand. Being honest and transparent with our clients is our plus point. We try to bring value
to our client by maintaining consistency.

What challenges have you experienced as a cycle manufacturer since the Pandemic?
Shiva cycles is the brand shop of Firefox and Hero cycles in Greater Noida.
Problems in the supply chain, sometimes delayed deliveries disrupted production plans. Supplier
diversification was a necessity to avoid order fulfilment issues. Focus shifted from offline to online,
putting more pressure on delivery time Manufacturers had to improve them Just in Time (JIT)
strategies reactive demand-driven approach was implemented as part of the JIT strategy. The more
competitive the online market, the higher the need for product configurations
Apart from all this, Lack of personnel due to illness and quarantine measures also affected us. Supply
chain limitations and unstable demand impacted production capacity. Enhanced hygienic procedures
had a direct impact on production efficiency.
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