Southwest T of 263 plans to launch another legendary series known as “The CODE” with HYMAN Cannabis

Southwest T of 263 plans to launch another legendary series known as "The CODE" with HYMAN Cannabis

You may have seen the attention that Southwest T of 263 has been attracting to the cannabis industry through launching several series with HYMAN cannabis. HYMAN is excited to inform you that they have yet another series underway, known as The CODE “I did it for y’all” which symbolizes the sacrifices made to get where the 263 group is today.

HYMAN is known for launching collaborations that people are able to connect with. This is why HYMAN continues to work with the 263 group as we feel our collaborative campaigns exemplify deep ties and a shared love for Detroit.

While these collaborations exhibit an appreciation for lifestyle and culture, they also work towards reforming the stigma tied to medical and recreational cannabis.

Together, HYMAN and Southwest T have launched three exemplary campaigns. The first campaign, known as Black Magic “Walk by faith, not by sight” with the strains: Black Magic, Cake, Gelato, Flame and Kush.

The second campaign, known as Loyalty “Let no man separate what we create” with the strains: Apple Runtz and Truffle Runtz. The third campaign, known as Death B4 Dishonor “After us, there will be none” with the strains: Runtz, Gello, Giscotti, Jetlato, Pound Cake and Cookies.

This Friday, May 6th, Southwest T and HYMAN plan to officially launch “The CODE”, available at select retailers in Michigan. These projects have helped showcase how cannabis can be incorporated into one’s everyday lifestyle while also working together to destigmatize not only the cannabis industry, but also prior drug related crimes for individuals.

“The CODE represents the principles of the streets that had evolved into a legitimate corporation: honor, respect, loyalty and integrity. 263 is BMF. BMF is 263.

That is never to be misunderstood” says a leading member of 263. “The quote ‘I did it for y’all’ speaks to the struggles we had to face in order to see our people and our culture be great.”

Last week, STARZ began filming the highly anticipated season two of “BMF” – inspired by the true story of the two famous brothers, Big Meech and Southwest T. The show highlights how their unwavering belief in family loyalty would be the foundation of their partnership and the crux of their eventual estrangement.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson produced “BMF” which premiered on 9.26.21, just 2 days after the release of Southwest T’s “Death B4 Dishonor” cannabis campaign with HYMAN.

Season one tells the story of how the brothers brought their family up with their charismatic leadership. We are eager to announce how “The CODE” aligns with the release of season two.
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