Rubystone Hospitality: Brand Management, Operation Systems & Procedure Designing, RM, BD, and PM

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Rubystone Hospitality

Accomplished Professional with over 25 years of experience in Brand Management, Operation Systems & Procedure Designing, Relationship Management, Business Development, and People Management with well-known organizations in the Hospitality Sector. Risen from Ranks is a consistent performer with a proven track record of increasing revenues and streamlining workflow. Keen planner, strategist & implementer with a proven track record of developing procedures, service standards, and operational policies, planning & implementing effective control measures. He worked on the expansion & start-ups of new units. Extensive experience in planning, supervising, and managing Infrastructure development, resource planning, procurement, and inventory maintenance. Expertise in designing & implementing training programs on the employees’ keen customer focus, high energy level, and team spirit. Possess excellent analytical skills while evaluating project feasibility, budgeting and assessing cash flow, planning & management across assignments.

What is the story about Rubystone, and how did it evolve?

Sandeep Singh started Rubystone Hospitality, a hotel management-based company in Noida. Rubystone Hospitality is a chain of hotels that believes in serving guests with the best services to give them the best memories of their life. Rubystone is the second home for people to enjoy leisure time or quality time with family and friends.

How bullish are you about the Indian hospitality industry?

Hospitality is a never-ending services-oriented industry, and it is growing daily. It is a combination of professionalism and passion which makes it a massive success in the hospitality industry in India, as this industry is the primary key to getting foreign exchange in our country. After that covid, people discovered different places in the country and made them new tourist spots to explore, which boosted the hospitality business internationally and nationally.

You have some ambitious plans. When do you plan to have a footprint pan India?

We aim to set a benchmark in pan India; we are about to expand our territories as we open in Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, and Karnataka.

We aim to make a strong and healthy position in the market and a well-known recognition in the business alliance. We plan to work with existing properties with demand in the market. 

What defines Rubystone, and what makes guests loyal to Rubystone?

Our motive is to make our guests happy and mark a benchmark in our guest’s minds that we are the best hospitality in the country; our personalized guest services, loyalty programs, our hotel networking, and connectivity among various parts of the country, where the satisfaction score of our guests are the significant points which make our guests loyal towards the Rubystone. 

What points do you like to remember when choosing a location for a hotel?

The key points to remember while choosing Rubystone hospitality are its remarkable services, pretty traditional localities, and, most essentially, the comfort given by the hotel and the staff members with complete privacy to the guests will make them feel so cozy and mellow.

How about the design? Do you have a different plan depending on the location?

Yes, of course. The design should be significant for the hotel as it should be related to the location. A hotel’s environment should be related to its locality, and its design should reflect that location’s culture and connect the traveler to the site.

How do you go about creating an excellent team to ensure good service all the time?
Employees are the backbone of every company, and it’s essential to have an excellent team to make our company grow as fast as possible. Rubystone Hospitality always motivates the team to help them perform to their full potential and develop professionally and socially. We also train our employees to perform their best, which develops smooth communication between the employees and the higher authorities.
What is the kind of cuisine for your hotels?
Food is essential in every hotel; a hotel can be marked as good depending on its food or cuisine. In our hotels, our cuisines mainly depend upon the location of our hotels. Our mouth-watering food can quickly melt the heart of our tourists and make them try the famous dishes of the site.
How are all the hotels faring?
Customers are more inclined towards the budget of the hotels, where their second thought is to process the value of money; if they are getting the deal they are putting in, then they are okay with it. The faring of the hotel is very dynamic and also depends upon the traif upon the location.
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