Rhythm vats Bhardwaj, co-founder, Riyo Herbs India

Rhythm currently serves as the Co-Founder for Riyo Herbs.

She is the Product Head of the Brand. She is a complete go-getter and has carved a niche for herself by bringing in a successful portfolio of best-selling products like- Sun Protect Spray (SPF Spray) and Face wash of the Riyo brand.

Rhythm belonging to a business family and with her business acumen, her extensive and unparalleled expertise in the Product and Product Development domain has enabled the brand to grow exponentially in the market. 

After completing her master’s degree, she started her professional journey with the Pharmaceutical industry, and in her later years founded Riyo Herbs.

Academic Qualification and Work Experience:

Rhythm holds a Master’s degree in Economics. With her thriving expertise and experience in the industry, She has effectively led the brand in Product Development. 

About Riyo Herbs:

Riyo Herbs is a Delhi-based start-up founded by Husband-Wife duo Sourabh Bhardwaj and Rhythm Vats Bhardwaj in December 2020.

The company was launched with the aim to bring in an International concept-based quality brand, tailored for all skin types to redefine the outlook on skincare and help nurture the beautiful you.

The Brand’s vision is to create a pure and natural skincare range at affordable rates.

Initially, the brand was started with mere four products Face Wash, Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer. After getting positive feedback from the market and further expansion, now Riyo has more than 60 products.

The brand has a successful portfolio of best-selling products like- Sun Protect Spray (SPF Spray) and Face wash. 

With a keen interest in the customer’s well-being, Riyo products go through a series of tests that are Non-Toxic, Clinically Tested, and Safe to Use. The products are enriched with nature’s unparalleled healing powers and aim to help your skin free from problems like aging, blemishes, acne, dark spots, irritation, dead skin cells, and sunburn.
The company has an R&D team that enables them to explore new territories and innovate for future products. Riyo products are available on the company’s official website and other leading e-commerce portals including, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, First cry, Recode, etc.
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