Pranav Premnarayen forays into directorial debut with playerhunt season 2

Our core team of associates is what forms a thought-provoking collection of our firm at Prem Associates Advertising and Marketing.

Mr. Pranav Premnarayen is a creative powerhouse bringing over 20 years of experience in the realm of advertising and marketing.

He has allowed the assimilation of clients and relationships, which function as the nucleus for Mr. Premnarayen’s progressive approach to the brands and companies partnered with.

He’s been instrumental in taking Prem-Associate’s ongoing legacy of 50 years into the next era of community building and of course, Advertising and marketing.

“you need to walk alongside your brand partners today, fulfill your role as not just a brand marketeer but as a custodian. You need to lock value but unlock brand aspirations. We are Brands, and brands are us.”

He says,

Some of the brands that define his co-existence are GMR group, Fermenta biotech limited, Bisleri, Time avenue, iamanimal, Ovvio, syncmama, and legends cup, amongst others.

Speaking about the PlayerHunt. So how did the directorial debut come along?

While creating Playerhut season 2, India’s first poker reality show, the spectrums involved came to me as a marketing methodology that soon converted to a more significant creative opportunity.

All the different moving parts started coming in place, the mega host Rannvijay and his brother Harman were boarded, the brands got associated, participants, production team, on-ground team, logistics, and all the moving parts started being set in motion, and the right direction, and that’s when a flash wave happened, I’ve worked on scores of brand launches, countless film and storytelling formats, can this actually be time to take the plunge and make something truly valuable with some behind the camera antics.

And that’s what happened. We sat and started to decipher and crack the team, structure, and flow.

We realized poker is a game where the player spends hours indoors on a machine, and where’s the unification in that, through this show, we are bringing to the forefront for the viewers to see, a slice of everyday life mixed with a slice of poker life.

It fuses the mind with acts, thoughts, actions, and various abilities to bring out a more complete aura of the person.

Watch the show on Rannvijays YouTube platform.

In his journey, From working with some of the most formidable brands, GMR Group, Parle products, Bisleri group, Fermenta Biotech Ltd., Time Avenue pvt ltd, to name a few Mr. Premnarayen has also been monumentally instrumental in the creation of IPs stemming from a sporting and conscious health

The initiative, allows a cross-marketing dynamic that creates the legends cup: India’s largest corporate football collective.
Our core team of associates is what forms a thought-provoking collection of our firm at Prem Associates Advertising and Marketing.
A collective of unique creative persons working towards the greater good of brand development and connectivity to our diverse, forever-evolving market.
A man of sheer soulfulness, Mr. Premnarayen establishes himself as a personally sustainable and consciously progressive individual.
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