Powerful 2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Know in 2023

It is easy to get swayed by new trends, technologies, and techniques every other year. But truth be told, most business growth comes from tried and tested foundational methods, especially in digital marketing.

The year 2022 has flown by fast, even before we realize it. And the digital marketing space has transformed even faster.

This is one of the reasons why it is challenging to keep up with digital marketing trends because the industry evolves with every passing day.

But in essence, 2022 proved to be the year of revival from the COVID-19 pandemic, and more and more brands in both B2B and B2C segments across sectors understood the importance of digital marketing and its role in driving brand awareness, garnering new traffic, and boosting sales.

Although many principles of digital marketing get carried forward in the next year, the tools marketers use to achieve success for brands differ significantly over time. Hence, this new year, let us look back at the trends that ruled the digital marketing space in 2022.

LinkedIn Emerged as the Rising Star
Unexpectedly, LinkedIn has emerged as the biggest game-changer for employees, employers, and students in recent years and more so in 2022.

Most brands realized the potential of this professional platform and optimized their LinkedIn company page to improve their online presence, build authority, drive sales, and recruit the finest talents. As a result of this demand, the platform has shown a significant increase in monthly active users and engagements.

In fact, in recent times, LinkedIn has launched multiple new user-friendly, engaging features and driving better results. Businesses and professionals who are yet to explore the power of LinkedIn must go all in or be left out in the competitive race.

Influencer Marketing Garnered Huge Returns for Brands
The influencer marketing industry was valued at Rs. 900 crores in 2022 and is estimated to reach Rs. 2200 crores at a CAGR of 25% in the next five years.

This indicates that the industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years and continues attracting brands to reach their audience. A campaign executed through the right influencer has proved far more effective than targeted ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.

Besides high sales conversions and increased brand awareness, influencer marketing offers the unique benefit of word of mouth, which builds a brand’s authenticity and relatability. And though these offerings are not quantifiable, they are sustainable and have helped brands scale up in less time than anticipated.

Social Media Shopping Increased Multi-fold
The advent of social media helped aspirational entrepreneurs and small business owners find a foothold to establish their online ventures and engage with their audience.The pandemic period enabled customers from different strata of society to explore this side of the retail industry and make purchases that suited their preferences. Social media emerged as a one-stop shop for everyone globally, from garments to beauty and home décor to F&B products. Brands, too, have been able to drive sales and find more shoppers. Social media shopping has proved to be a win-win for businesses and shoppers.
Short-form Video Content Surged
Short-form videos took over social media in 2022. Whether it is Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, or LinkedIn, all the platforms embraced short-form content, and brands took no time to join the bandwagon.
HubSpot’s report indicated that short-form ranks #1 for engagement and lead generation. Considering humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, the trend of short-form content will continue even in 2023 and beyond.
Meta Matters
Since Facebook officially announced its name change to Meta, a prefix of Metaverse, meaning beyond and the universe, marketers and brands didn’t miss out on exploring opportunities in this space. The Metaverse proved to be one of the most massive marketing trends of 2022. Besides Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have all transitioned into the virtual worlds and continue leveraging AR, AI, and VR to create 3D immersive experiences for their users. This journey has just started and will likely advance further in the coming years.
It is easy to get swayed by new trends, technologies, and techniques every other year. But truth be told, most business growth comes from tried and tested foundational methods, especially in digital marketing. Brands and marketers should keep their eyes open to new trends. But it is essential to optimize your base executions, as that will garner better results than experimenting and risking a client relationship.
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