Petonic Infotech Expands Services in The US with the Launch of a New Office in Silicon Valley

After successfully establishing itself as an expert in providing consultancy to C-level, management body and executives of Public & Private sector companies, organizations and societies on their toughest strategic issues, Petonic Infotech has launched itself to the Silicon Valley.

Their unique and proven approach to problem-solving addresses the most difficult challenges from three distinct angles.

As a result, their strategies are future-oriented, market tested and built to create lasting advantage for the businesses.

“There is a wide gap when it comes to trust and transparency. Processes followed by most of consulting firms don’t include transparent approach, keeping clients in grey areas. Most of the firms offer only planning and presentations which are most of the time very away from real time execution strategy resulting in lots of unidentified issues. Also most of the consulting firms work like an outer layer to the system which does not create an environment for acceptance.”

Yashraj Bhardwaj, co-founder, Petonic Infotech says,

“From last 126 years, it’s the same manpower-based business plan which hardly benchmarks savings, focus on real deliveries or changes in the industry. And this is what motivated us to shift and develop a dynamic model to disrupt the industry completely.”

Yuvraj Bhardwaj, the other co-founder of the company shares,

Petonic Infotech is the brainchild of super focused 22 years old twins Yuvraj and Yashraj Bhardwaj.

Immersed in scientific research, technology innovation, and business consulting from a young age, the brothers have built a mid-sized consultancy services enterprise and several other businesses, including private equity, e-waste recycling, etc., which has a long way to go.

The current Management Consulting Market Size is estimated to be $973.67 billion which is expected to grow up to $1320.94 billion in 2026.

The largest market is forecasted to be North America and the fastest growing market is going to be India.

Looking at the growth expected in the coming years, consulting firms with the success-based business models is the only way to tap most of the markets.

And Petonic Infotech has already created a niche in this area and gained the first-movers advantage.

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